File # 75 - Health May 31, 2024

China Working on Weaponized Strain of Ebola with 90% Kill Rate - May 31, 2024
Covid Vax Death Hidden from Public to Push mRNA Shots
New Data Raises Concerns: Are COVID-19 Vaccines Increasing Mortality Rates
17-Year-Old Girl Dies of Cardiac Arrest after 2nd Covid Vax - May 30, 2024
Booster Shots Begin on the 30th July Death will begin Increasing
Researchers Call for Urgent Action to Address Mass Contamination of Blood Supply - 5.27.24
The Pandemic Treaty Will Compound Past Mistakes - May 30, 2024
An Experimental mRNA Vaccine Targets H5N1 Bird Flu
Here We Go: Michigan Confirms First Human Case of High-Risk Bird Flu, Marking Second U.S. Case This Year
Vaxxed Deaths Recorded as Unvaxxed to Make Covid Shots Appear 'Safe,' Official Data Shows - May 28, 2024
1,236% Increase in Deaths Following Covid Vaccination - Study - May 28th 2024,
Heroic Japanese physician risks life and reputation to bring truth about mRNA vaccines - May 28, 2024

T cells, cancer and immunity - 186,153 views May 22, 2024
Myocarditis rates increase 5X in Guernsey after COVID vax rollout - May 29, 2024
Sudden Deaths Skyrocket Among Vaxxed, Top Study Warns - May 29, 2024
This is the most important video
Covid Shots during Pregnancy Cause Brain Damage in Offspring, Study Warns - May 29, 2024
Insane & Gross Turbo Cancer Cases From Covid Shots Flooding Social Media - May 29th 2024,
Bill Gates Funding Research to Create Deadlier Bird Flu Strains - May 27, 2024

Google AI just estimated that as many as 1.1M Americans may have been killed by the COVID vaccines - 5.28.24
Professional German bodybuilder Kevin Gebhardt dies at the age of 31 just weeks after serious (knee) surgery -
Deaths Surge 1,236% after Covid Shots, Top Study Finds - May 28, 2024
Vaxxed Deaths Recorded as Unvaxxed to Make Covid Shots Appear 'Safe,' Official Data Shows - May 28, 2024
VIDEO - CHD - Injured by two Pfizer jabs (Apr.2024) - May 26, 2024

Amputations Happen … - May 26, 2024
Scientists Launch New Bird Flu mRNA Vaccine for Mass Public Vaccinations - May 27, 2024
Scientists Decode Deadly Blood Clot Disorder Triggered by COVID Vaccines - May 26, 2024
US, European nations consider vaccinating workers exposed to bird flu - May 26, 2024
Government Stockpiling Vaccines ahead of Pre-Election Pandemic - 5.27.24
Paralyzed From Covid Shot, Canadian Woman Offered Euthanasia, Now Sues Moderna - May 27th 2024
UK Pathologist rules 36 year old mom most likely died from Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine - May 27, 2024
STANLEY CLOT - NHL Player Brock Boeser out of Game 7 with DVT blood clot and NHL's most vaxxed team, Vancouver Canucks, are out of Stanley Cup Playoffs - 10 more Athletes clotting suddenly - Dr. William Makis MD
Dr David Martin Explains What Happens if the WHO Pandemic Treaty Passes this Month (Total Tyranny)
Confessions of a New Zealand Surgeon - Dr. William Makis MD - May 26, 2024
Top Attorney Testifies: Hospitals Were 'Incentivized' to 'Murder Covid Patients' - May 25, 2024
Covid Shots Linked to Surge in 'Rare Blood Cancer,' Study Finds - May 26, 2024
mRNA Shots Permanently Alter DNA of Vaxxed & Their Offspring, Censored Study Shows - May 26, 2024
The WHO's Pandemic Treaty And A Bird Flu Crisis Are Both Arriving At The Same Time - May 22, 2024
NEW PODCAST! "15 minutes with Dr.Makis" - Episode 015: Moderna mRNA Cancer Vaccines - the $500,000 Therapy for Turbo Cancer Patients - Dr. William Makis MD - May 25, 2024
Covid-19 "Vaccines" Are Bio-Weapons Commissioned by the Pentagon - May 18, 2024
Fully-Vaxxed 'Super Size Me' Star Dies of Turbo Cancer at 53 - 5.25.24
Young Boxer Dies After Knockdown
BOMBSHELL: Whistleblower Exposes US DOD Plan To Exterminate Population - Nov 15, 2022
NFL star announces shock retirement at just 29 after suffering a 'terrifying' blood clot - 5.25.24
PGA Tour Golfer Grayson Murray Dies Suddenly at 30 - May 25, 2024
Rock Band Vocalist Dead at 64 From Cancer - 3K views · Apr 26, 2024
Hip-Hop Legend Dead at 52 (sudden death) - 43K views · Apr 26, 2024
What do cigarette addiction, alcoholism and mRNA vaccines all have in common? - May 21, 2024
Japan's most senior cancer doctor: COVID shots are 'essentially murder' - 5.24.24
Doctor Killed by Turbo Brain Cancer after mRNA Shots - 5.24.24
Morgan Spurlock, 'Super Size Me' filmmaker, dies at 53 - 5.24.24
Breaking! President Trump Warns Of New Bird Flu Pandemic: WE WILL NOT COMPLY - 66,017 views - 5.23.24
Federal Agency to Produce 4.8 Million Bird Flu Vaccines - May 24th 2024,
"Amy Kelly/ DailyClout Reveal Canadian Reproductive Damage Crisis Post-2021" - May 24, 2024

Rapid Aging, Scarring of the Arteries: A Side Effect of the COVID Injections - May 22, 2024
Covid Inquiry Witness Statement - How Many Covid Deaths Were Actually Iatrogenic Ones? - May 22, 2024
Official US government data shows that there is no doubt whatsoever that the COVID vaccines cause Guillain-Barre, Bell's palsy, and other serious side effects - May 23, 2024
The mRNA Death Toll Is "Bigger Than The Holocaust" - May 21, 2024
5 SCIENTIFIC Reasons Your 'Vaccinated' Friends & Family Won't Listen (And What to Do About It) - 1.19.24
Dutch Government Begins Euthanizing Young, Healthy Citizens - May 22, 2024
Sasha Latypova - 14.9K 5.10.24
Testimony of Top Public Health Official During COVID Is Made Public - This Undermines Everything Fauci Said
'Essentially murder': Top cancer expert condemns COVID shots - May 22, 2024
New Zealand MP's Son and Rising Rugby Star Dies Suddenly at 22

Hospitals Euthanized Patients to Boost 'Covid Deaths,' Whistleblowers Testify - May 22, 2024
Winter of DIED SUDDENLY - 60 DOCTORS from around the world, who died suddenly recently (COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine mandated) - Dr. William Makis MD - May 21, 2024

Young Newlywed Dies Suddenly in Husband's Arms on Honeymoon, Doctors Stunned - May 21, 2024
Kim Zimmer has breast cancer; Amanda Doyle has breast cancer; Pokémon English actress has breast cancer; Mia Love has breast cancer; IA Senate leader's brain cancer; Nadine Menendez has breast cancer. NH State senator collapses on Senate floor; "Beloved Chicago reporter Mike Lowe, 44, reveals stage 3 colon cancer diagnosis: 'Never die easy'"; Guthrie's 'Skeleton Crew' has "medical emergency"; more - Mark Crispin Miller - 5.20.24

Renowned Oncologists Demand Covid Shot Ban over Soaring 'Turbo Cancers' - May 21, 2024
Highly Pathogenic Bird Flu Detected in Birds in New York City - 17 May 2024
My secret plan to expose the harms created by vaccines - May 19, 2024
Mother suing American Airlines over son's heart attack death during flight, alleging defibrillator was faulty and crew unprepared
Harvard Study: Covid Shots Cause Sudden Deaths, Strokes - May 20, 2024

Jon Wysocki dead at 53: Staind drummer passes away - best known for hit Outside - after 'having issues with liver' as cause of death is still unknown (sudden death) - 5.19.24
Two Young Bank of America Workers Die Suddenly Within Weeks of Each Other - May. 18, 2024
Fully Vaxxed CNN Political Commentator Alice Stewart Drops Dead at 58 - 5.18.24
Covid Shots Linked to Surge in Rare Autoimmune Disease, Study Finds - May 19, 2024
Six Explanations for Rising Vaccine Hesitancy - 5.17.24

Is 'Avian Flu' Anything to Fear? by BERT OLIVIER of Brownstone Institute - May 18, 2024
CDC Admits Covid Shots Killed 500,000 Children & Young Adults - May 18, 2024
The Coming Catastrophe for the Vaxxxed? - 5.18.24

VIDEO - CHD - They killed my veteran fighter pilot husband - Dr. William Makis MD - May 18, 2024
25-Year-Old Banker Drops Dead from Cardiac Arrest While Playing Soccer - May 18, 2024
Health Officials Warn 90% of Population Suddenly Has Deadly Heart Syndrome - 5.18.24
TURBO CANCER: Lymphoma diagnoses under age 40 are turning into a Tsunami - 60 recent cases with more and more children being diagnosed - DR. WILLIAM MAKIS MD - May 17, 2024
Pfizer's Covid Gene Therapy Shots Have Over 500 Times Allowable Levels of DNA Contamination - 5.17.24
VIDEO - CHD - COVID Jab killed 29 year old daughter - Dr. William Makis MD - May 17, 2024
Cancer Patient Dies Suddenly from Blood Clot at 34 - May 17, 2024
"Vax" destroyed Chris Cuomo's health; Ric Flair's near-death experience; Al Kresta's liver cancer diagnosis; Dead Poets Society cancels show; Kris Jenner's "little tumor"; FL pol Vic Torres collapses - May 15, 2024

Winter of DIED SUDDENLY - Young Women suffering heart attacks 2-3 years after COVID-19 mRNA Vaccination - it's not slowing down - 60 cases explored - Dr. William Makis MD - May 15, 2024
The cattle lockdown begins, using your tax dollars. - Feds determined to push their bird flu narrative. 5.10.24
Pfizer to Settle 10K Lawsuits Over Drug Linked to Cancer, Costing Company Millions - May. 9, 2024
VIDEO - CHD - Childhood vaccines - 6 month vaccination leads to lifetime of seizures - Dr. William Makis MD
Top Doctor: Covid Shots Have 'Highest Kill Rate in History' - May 10, 2024
EXCLUSIVE: CDC Found Evidence COVID-19 Vaccines Caused Deaths - Joe Tuzara, M.D. - May 04, 2024
Cancer Is The New Covid - Pfizer CEO Brags - May 6th 2024
Dr. Mike Yeadon: Just in Case I Haven't Been Explicit Enough, This Is What I Anticipate Lies Ahead - 5.6.24

Bill Gates Admits Testing Nanotech on Public with mRNA Vaccines - May 6, 2024
Disgraced Former CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo, Who Advocated for the COVID Vaccine, Publicly Admits for the First Time to Suffering from a COVID Vaccine Injury (VIDEO) - May. 4, 2024
First photo of Texas farm worker who caught bird flu shows bleeding in his eyeballs - May 3, 2024
Promising Young Football Player Dead at 23 (sudden death) - 5.4.24
'American Idol' alum Mandisa Died Suddenly - Observations from a nurse - Dee Dee - Apr 26, 2024
'Rob Roy' Actor Brian McCardie Dies 'Suddenly' at 59 (sudden death) - May 1, 2024

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