File # 73 - Health March 31, 2024

Rolling away the stone - Expose-news.com reports that US excess deaths amongst the over 65's exceeds 1 million - post the roll-out of experimental mRNA injections of spike venom - Mar 31, 2024
25 Years Wiped from Life Expectancy of Fully Vaxxed - March 31, 2024
Eliminating Americans and Europeans through injections and mass criminal migration

One hundred globalist flunkies (including has-been politicians) signed a totally misleading letter about the pandemic treaty last week. I set the record straight.- Mar 30, 2024
Corona covid1984 and 5g by Dr.Tom Cowan BANNED BY YOUTUBE
'Boosted' Social Media Star Reveals 'Shock' Cancer Diagnosis at 32-March 29, 2024
FDA Admits COVID Vaccine Leads to 'Significiantly Elevated' Risk of Seizure in Toddlers - Mar. 24, 2024
Kate Middleton Vaxx Victim - Mar 22, 2024

Doctors Raise Alarm as Brain Tumors Soar Among Vaxxed - March 28, 2024
All Vaccinated Now Have Permanent Heart Damage, Studies Warn - 3.28.24

Japan Bans Covid Shots over Soaring Sudden Deaths - 3.24.24
HOW TO AVOID MRNA MEAT! - 5,225 views 3.25.24
Doctor's Baby Dies after Vaccines - 3.25.24
VSRF LIVE Tonight: Tragic Deaths in Young Adults - March 21st, 2024

In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States and worldwide, March 19 - March 25, 2024
Dr. Mike Yeadon: "…The Motivation for the Injections Was To Injure, Kill & Reduce Fertility in Survivors."
Fully Vaccinated Arnold Schwarzenegger Undergoes Major Heart Surgery: 'Unvaxxed Are Schmucks' - 3.26.24
FDA Admits Covid Shots Cause Deadly Seizures in Toddlers - 3.26.24
Persistence of Spike Protein Induces a State of Chronic Disease (Parallels to Asbestos): Essence of Long COVID
Childhood Vaccines - HPV Vaccine (Gardasil) injuries & deaths of young girls - injury of 12 year old soccer player Holly, High school lacrosse player Amanda Ratner, death of a 14 year old Mexican girl - Mar 25, 2024
In affront to God, Pope Francis condemns "antivaxxers," says NOT taking the covid vaccine is an act of suicide… refuses to condemn transhumanism mRNA vaccine tech - 03/24/2024
Doctors Sound Alarm over Cancer 'Epidemic' in Young People - March 25, 2024
County jails still using COVID protocols to reduce inmate population - March 25, 2024
3 Soccer Stars Suffer Heart Attacks, Seizures Mid-Game - March 25, 2024

Covid Shots 'Integrate' with Cancer Cells, Study Finds - March 25, 2024
Little Known about mRNA and Spike Protein Biodistribution Three Years into Mass Vaccination Campaign
FDA Forced to Remove False Claims about Ivermectin from Social Media: 'Blood on Its Hands' - March 24, 2024
This is damning I am sorry if Kate has cancer but, these two should not have participated in the PsyOp - 3.22.24

The New Normal: THREE Professional Football Players Suddenly Collapse in the Space of a Week - Mar 22, 2024
Looks like that "big club" is really not so big - 2.23.24
30-Year-Old Soccer Star Suffers Sudden Heart Attack Mid-Game - March 22, 2024
The Century of Evidence That Vaccines Cause Sudden Infant Deaths - Mar 21, 2024
Military Whistleblower Shut Down for Exposing 937% Spike in Heart Failure Among Vaxxed Pilots - 3.20,24
Indian Pro-Vax reporter Dies Suddenly of Heart Attack at 54: 'I Took the Vaccine - Did You?' - Mar 20, 2024

Winter of DIED SUDDENLY - DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE of mRNA - Collapsing and crashing your car while COVID-19 Vaccinated - 25 tragic cases - Mar 20, 2024
US geriatric practice reports that COVID vaccines increased mortality by nearly 5X - 3.21.24
VSRF LIVE Tonight: Tragic Deaths in Young Adults - March 21st:2014
Turbo Cancer Deaths Surge in Vaxxed 15 to 44-Year-Olds - March 21, 2024

Top Doctor Issued Red Alert: 'Pregnant American Mothers Are Now Dying at Alarming Rates' - March 20, 2024
Know anyone thinking of getting another COVID shot? Urge them to watch this short video on vaccine injuries first! - Mar 20, 2024
CDC issues study on myocarditis after COVID shots: EVERY SINGLE WORD is redacted! - March 17, 2024
mRNA Injury Stories - Rainbow baby born to a COVID-19 Vaccinated nutritionist, Brayden Burwell Heery died unexpectedly at 17 days old (Jan.30, 2024 - Feb.16, 2024) - Mar 17, 2024
Ed Dowd update on the diagnosis/cost of cancer post vaccine……and the rising disabilities.- Mar 16, 2024
Autoimmune Disease Epidemic. Why are doctors still 'baffled'? Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - Mar 16, 2024
Official Data Links 143,233% Cancer Surge to Covid Shots - March 16, 2024
Doctor Who Shamed Unvaxxed Online Dies Suddenly at 43

No such thing as 'long COVID,' health agency says in shock claim:...
VIDEO - Vax Injury - After 2 Pfizer doses, heart attack (Surfer, CHD, Mar.3, 2024) - Mar 13, 2024
U.S Biotech Giant Kept their Chinese Partners Secret for a Reason - Mar 13, 2024
VIDEO - Vax Injury 2nd Moderna COVID-19 mRNA - nerve pain, shingles, rashes, autoimmune disorders
Top Expert: Covid Vaccine Trials Were Rigged - March 14, 2024
Most Cancer Cases Are Among Vaccinated, Pathologist Warns - March 12, 2024
VIDEO - Vax Injury after 1st Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA jab (Teacher, Amy McNeil, CHD Mar.3, 2024) - 3.12.24
Pro Wrestler Yutaka Yoshie Drops Dead in Locker Room - March 12, 2024
Covid Shots Cause Long-Term Kidney Damage, Study Finds - March 11, 2024

The HIDDEN HISTORY of Vaccines and the Horrors of Toxin Accumulation - 3.11.24
Doctors Raise Alarm over Soaring Young Heart Attack Deaths - March 11, 2024
mRNA Injury Stories - 20 year old Sofia Padoan, 3rd year student at California State Polytechnic University died Feb.23, 2024 after dinner with family - COVID-19 Vaccine Mandated BRAIN ANEURYSMS - Mar 11, 2024
Pro-Vax Doctor Drops Dead of Heart Attack at 43 - March 11, 2024
Grammy-Winning Reggae Artist Dies at 46 (stroke) - 3.10.24
NBA Player Collapses Suddenly during Game: 'Very Scary Stuff' - March 8, 2024
BBC Reporter Nick Sheridan Drops Dead at 32 during a Run - March 8, 2024
Tucker Carlson 3/7/24 | Breaking News March 7, 2024 - 661,361 views Mar 7, 2024
Warning: The annual flu vaccine is being transformed into an mRNA jab… - March 5, 2024
Young People Are Dying At STAGGERING Rates! w/ Dr. Pierre Kory - 644K views 2.7.24
This Dangerous Lawsuit Reveals How Biden Will Do WHO's Bidding - 2.27.24
Pathologist Ivana Pavic (Croatia) reveals vax increased your cancer risk by 52% - 16.2K views 3.5.24
Study Results: Graphene Oxide is in ALL of our Blood w/ Christopher James - Mar 6, 2024
New Problem Emerges for the COVID Vaccinated - March 5, 2024
Journalist, Who Demanded Concentration Camps for Unvaccinated, Dead at 33 - March 6, 2024
40-Year-Old Fox News Journalist Diagnosed with Turbo Cancer after Covid Shot - March 6, 2024

Pathologist reports a stunning 52% increase in cancer risk for ages 15-59 who were vaxxed - 3.5.24
A Lining Cell Disease - Beyond the Endothelium: The Spike Protein Induces Inflammation and Destruction of Organ and Cell Linings - Mar 5, 2024
Who flipped Donald Trump from vaccine naysayer to vaccine promoter extraordinaire? - 2.29.24
COVID Vaccine Injuries: A Crisis Hidden In Plain Sight - March 15, 2024:
Comedy Legend Richard Lewis Dead at 76 (sudden death) - March 1, 2024
Friends Respond to Sudden Death of British Royal Thomas Kingston at 45: 'Utterly Shocking' - March 1, 2024
COVID Cover-Up: Government 'Forced' COVID Vaccines to Protect Bioweapons Industry - 2.27.24

Beef Company CEO Stands Up To Big Pharma: "I'll Shut Down the Company Before We Ship a Single Bag With mRNA-Injected Meat" - January 30, 2024
Report: CCP Orders Destruction of ALL Covid Data Nationwide - March 3rd 2024,
Your 2024 Guide to Covid Symptoms and Treatment

585 Million Now Killed or Injured by Covid Shots
Biden pledges $2 million to tackle HIV among 'racially diverse transgenders in deep south' - March 4, 2024
25% of Vaxxed Now Have VAIDS, Top Scientists Warn - March 3, 2024
MUST WATCH: Funeral Home Director John O'Looney Exposes The Secret COVID Holocaust - 187,394 views
Mar 1, 2024

Propaganda Series - They complained about others not getting the COVID-19 Vaccine, then they "Died Suddenly". 26 People who died due to COVID propaganda and disinformation - Mar 2, 2024
CDC New Guidance Ends 5-Day COVID-19 Isolation Recovery Guideline - 3.2.24

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