File # 72 - Health February 29, 2024

US Vaccine Injury Compensation Now Has 10-Year Backlog of Claims
Secret CDC Report: Covid Shots Killed Half Million Children & Young Adults - February 25, 2024
PILOT INCAPACITATION - Lufthansa Flight LH-1140 (FRA-SVQ) Frankfurt to Seville on Feb.17, 2024 - First Officer Incapacitated, plane turned around back to Madrid (2nd incident in 2024) - Feb 24, 2024

Dr Robert Malone Warns French Law to Jail Anti-Vaxxers Is Spreading to Other Nations - February 23, 2024
Top Doctor Raises Alarm over 'Unprecedented Excess Deaths' of Young People - February 23, 2024
Canadian Doctors Admit Covid 'Booster' Shot Paralyzed Woman, Offer to Euthanize Her to 'Make Up for It'

mRNA Injury Series - GYMNASTICS - Young gymnasts are dying around the world - 12 Gymnasts who died suddenly Feb 24, 2024
Tucker Carlson Tonight - 143,468 views 2.23.24
New Zealand Politician Who Pushes for Mass COVID Vaccination Dies Suddenly After Collapsing at Charity Run -
V Safe Data Used by 10,108,273 persons can be downloaded
77% Cancer Rise
mRNA Injury Series - DOCTORS dying suddenly around the world (Oct.1,2023 to Feb.2024) - 54 sudden deaths - Feb 22, 2024

Study of 99 Million: Covid Shots Caused Sudden Death Surge - 2.20.24
Sudden Deaths Accelerating? Tipping Point on Horizon w/ Dr. Makis - Feb 21, 2024
Embalmer Shares Shocking Video of Removing "Strange White Fibrous Clots" from a Dead Body - "I Didn't Start Seeing This Until Early 2021" (GRAPHIC VIDEO) - Feb. 19, 2024
Pharmaceutical Companies Quietly Drop mRNA Vaccines as Sudden Deaths Soar - February 18, 2024
Propaganda Series - Medical Student killed by Disinformation: 33 year old NY MD/PhD student Ricardo Perez Dulzaides mocked "anti-vaccine content" then "died suddenly" from blood clots & cardiac arrest - Feb 20, 2024
BREAKING: Mysterious New Blood Clots Causing Mass Death, Warns Funeral Home Director - 2.19.24
Study of 99 Million: Covid Shots Caused Sudden Death Surge - February 20, 2024
Covid mRNA Vaccinated Emit Strange Fluorescent Glow under UV Light - February 20, 2024
Biden Funding WEF's 'Disease X' Development with Taxpayer Money - February 20, 2024

Largest Global Study of COVID-19 Vaccines Finds Links to Blood, Heart, & Neurological Conditions.- 2.20.24
EXCLUSIVE: Young Ontario Woman's Life Becomes a Living Hell After Moderna Booster Shot Leaves Her Paralyzed. Doctors Confirm Vaccine Connection and Offer Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) - Feb 16, 2024
Official Data Exposes Deadly 'Pandemic of the Vaccinated' - February 17, 2024
New York Moves to Begin Vaccinating Children Without Parental Consent - February 17, 2024

Our paper critical of the COVID vaccines will be retracted by Cureus! - Feb 18, 2024
Hydrogels in COVID Vaccine as Programmable Human Interface - February 16, 2024
'Programable Hydrogels' Found in Blood of Covid Vaccinated
mRNA Injury series - Michelle had a hemorrhagic stroke and 2 days later her husband actor/director Joe Kowalski had a heart attack - 10 couples who "Died Suddenly" within a short time - Feb 18, 2024
PILOT DIED - 39 year old US Air Force Major Matthew Charles Kettler of Mason, Ohio, and current United Airlines pilot, died suddenly on Feb.12, 2024. - Feb 18, 2024
Snoop Dogg's Brother Bing Worthington Dies Unexpectedly at 44 - February 18, 2024
Ex-YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki's Son Dies Suddenly at 19 - February 18, 2024

Medical Staff Ordered to Euthanize 'Covid' Patients: Leaked Docs - February 18, 2024
Tucker Carlson - 51,977 views 2.17.24
'Safe and Effective': Japanese Man Dies From Myocarditis After Second Dose of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccination
NFL Star Tony Hutson Dead at 49 - February 14, 2024
Watch: Giant Mistake to Mass Vaccinate the World - Feb 16, 2024

FDA Director Admits They Were Unprepared For Avalanche of VAERS Reports Linked to Covid Vaccines
VSRF Live #113: Embalmer Data Revealed - 2.8.24
Share this post with every lawyer you know. Covid Litigation Conference II, March 7-8 in Las Vegas.
New Research Implicates UK State in Policy of Mass-Euthanasia With Midazolam Using Covid Deaths as Cover

mRNA Injury Series - TURBO Brain Cancer due to University COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates in the United States - three tragic cases - Feb 15, 2024
Tucker Carlson (A case against Ozempic) - 268,193 views 2.14.2024
Tucker Carlson (Re. Contaminated DNA) - 101,196 views 2.13.24

Tens of Thousands of Elderly Secretly Euthanized to Boost 'Covid Deaths' - February 12, 2024
Official Report: Covid Shots Triggered Spike in Child Cancers

CDC Is Now Retaliating Against Its Own Scientists For 'Wrong' Mask Research - Feb 11, 2024
Sudden Death of Healthy 29 Year-Old Male: Subarachnoid Hemorrhage of Vaccine-Damaged Artery - 2.10.24
mRNA Injury Series - Kidney Damage, acute renal injury and renal failure after COVID-19 mRNA Vaccination - 20 cases and literature review - Feb 10, 2024

New Study of 4,610 Women Hospitalized post-mRNA Vaccination Due to Severe Bleeding - Feb 9, 2024
Joe Rogan: It's crazy how many jabbed people died suddenly...
2021 Recorded the Greatest Loss of Elderly Adults in the History of America
Moderna Scientists Admit mRNA Shots Carry Toxicity Risks - February 7, 2024

Grand jury: Government response to COVID really about one thing - February 6, 2024
Biden White House Told Amazon to Censor COVID Books.- 2.7.24
mRNA Sudden Deaths - Cluster of recent BASKETBALL Sudden Deaths in the US - 46 yo NBA Coach Dejan Milojevic, 14 yo Amari Crite, High school coaches, referees & more - 7 deaths within past 2 weeks! - Feb 6, 2024
Whistleblower Exposes Cause of Sudden Deaths Among Vaxxed Young People - February 6, 2024
'Who can we talk to?': White House leaned on Amazon to suppress anti-vax 'propaganda' - February 6, 2024

'Global moratorium' for COVID shots? Mainstream science considering halt - February 6, 2024
WATCH: Congressman discloses what's wrong with WHO 'pandemic treaty' - February 5, 2024
Study Suggests COVID Jabs Caused 14 Deaths for Every Life They Saved. - 2.5.24
In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States and worldwide, January 23-January 29, 2024
More than 10 policemen have "died suddenly" in Italy since January 1 - Feb 1, 2024
Study Links mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines to Rare and Fatal Brain Disease - Jan 29, 2024

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