File # 71 - Health January 31, 2024

Testing on a covid vaccinated athlete shows exponentially high levels of spike protein years after the vaccine
Dire Warning: China Experiments with '100% Fatal' COVID Strain - 1.24.24
Pence and Dr. Birx helped Fauci betray Trump - 1.18.24
Inhaled COVID Vaccine Launched in China - 1.23.24
Top Doctor Blows Whistle: Vaxxed Are Developing AIDS - January 27, 2024
Memphis TV News Anchor Drops Dead at 38 after Sudden 'Medical Emergency' - January 27, 2024
"The Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race" Why the Wuhan Coverup matters. Robert W Malone MD, MS

Ryne Sandburg has metastatic prostate cancer; pop singer Cat Janice diagnosed with cancer; Loretta Lynn's son has surgery for kidney failure; reality TV's Stacey Silva has "emergency kidney surgery" - Jan 27, 2024
Exclusive: 70% of Embalmers Report Finding Strange Blood Clots Beginning in Mid-2021 - Jan 26, 2024
mRNA Injury Stories - Teenagers suffering RARE STROKES - new phenomenon after COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine rollout - 8 cases of rare types of strokes in kids 12-19. NEW Japanese research sheds light on cause - DR. WILLIAM MAKIS MD - JAN 26
Nationwide "Vax-Unvax" bus tour collecting stories from vaccine-injured for "The People's Study" - 01/25/2024
UK Raises Alarm over Sudden Death Surge: 'Worst Heart Care Crisis in Living Memory' January 24, 2024
22% of households who took the shots have a COVID vaccine injury - 1.24.24
Top Genomics Expert Testifies: Covid Shots Cause Cancer - January 25, 2024
Scientists Wants to STOP mRNA Vaccines as 'Problems Increasingly Obvious.' - 1.25.24

So many actors and musicians and filmmakers "died suddenly" last year that the awards shows can't "remember" all of them 1.23.24
mRNA injury stories - TikTok & Youtube Reptile Expert Brian Barczyk (age 54) died Jan.15, 2024 from Turbo Pancreatic Cancer - 16 more recent cases of a highly lethal COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Cancer DR WILLIAM MAKIS MD
'Beverly Hills 90210' Star David Gail Dead at 58: Cause Unknown - January 22, 2024
World Health Organization calls for pandemic treaty to prep for 'Disease X' - 1.21.24
mRNA injury stories - Brazilian Influencer in Boston dead at 35 on Jan.12, 2024: developed new psoriasis that consumed 80% of her body, then died of cardiac arrest. 10+ cases of psoriasis post mRNA Dr. William Makis MD - Record-Holding Athlete Dies Suddenly of 'Medical Complications' at 29 - 3333 - January 21, 2024
Covid Vaxxed Are Testing Positive for HIV, Multiple Studies Warn - January 21, 2024
European Parliament votes to keep secret Pfizer contracts withheld from public - Jan 18, 2024

Journalist Who Tried to Cancel Novak Djokovic for Being Unvaccinated Collapses and Dies Suddenly at Australia Open - Jan. 20, 2024
Yet another Lancet paper applied the 'cheap trick' to claim vaccine efficacy - Jan 21, 2024
INTERVIEW - New American with Veronika Kyrylenko - mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in our food supply Dr. William Makis MD - Jan.3, 2024
Why Are So Many Californians Dying? 5 January 2024
WATCH: Tucker Carlson: 'Shocking' change in humanity from COVID vax? - January 15, 2024
Vaccinated males, the spike protein from the covid vaccine has entirely replaced their sperm - 909K views 1.10.24
BREAKING: UN Planning New Pandemic To Establish Planetary Dictatorship - 1.11.24
WATCH: Tucker Carlson: 'Shocking' change in humanity from COVID vax? - January 15, 2024
mRNA Vaccine Induced Turbo Cancer Tsunami is underway - and it's driven by young people - American Cancer Society is engaging in a "limited hangout" - reality is much, much worse Jan 19, 2024
NBA Coach Drops Dead at 46 after Sudden Heart Attack - January 19, 2024
Spin-off DISEASE: Fully vaccinated for COVID manifesting new disease called VEXAS syndrome - 01/18/2024
NFL Star Ronald Powell Dead at 32, Cause Unknown - January 17, 2024

CCP Scientists Create Deadly 'Mutant Coronavirus,' 100% Fatal in Lab Tests - January 17, 2024
WEF Insider Admits 'Disease X' Will Be Final Solution To Depopulate 6 Billion Souls

Study: Chinese Lab Develops New Mutant COVID Strain With 100% Death Rate In Humanized Mice - 1.17.24
Disease X and the Corrupt Lancet - The globalists launch their new weapon to take over the world - Robert W Malone MD, MS - Jan 17, 2024
Senator Drops Bombshell Data: Covid Shots 55 Times Deadlier than Flu Vaccines - January 18, 2024
Judge orders CDC to quickly turn over millions of COVID vaccine-injury reports by early patients - 1.14.24
Dejan Milojevic death: Steve Kerr says Warriors are 'absolutely devastated' by assistant coach's passing after he suffered heart attack at team dinner on Tuesday 1.17.24
Analysis: mRNA Shots for COVID Bypassed 'Laws and Regulations' Protecting Americans - Jan. 11, 2024
80% increase miscarriages amongst pregnant women injected with spike venom reported to VAERS and an increase in the rate of miscarriages of 30% by February 2023- CDC "son't ask, don't tell" - Jan 16, 2024

Andrew Bridgen UK Parliament Speech on Excess Deaths - Jan 16, 2024
Report: COVID-vaccine maker monitored popular critics of the jab - January 16, 2024
Acute kidney injury after vaccination: New Zealand government scientists changed their data without explanation
Autopsy findings in cases of fatal COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis - Jan 16, 2024
"We established that all 28 deaths were most likely causally linked to COVID-19 vaccination." - Jan 16, 2024
WATCH: Tucker Carlson: 'Shocking' change in humanity from COVID vax? - January 15, 2024
Vaxxed 34-Year-Old Woman Dies Suddenly in Her Sleep - January 14, 2024

A Disabled Vet Combed Obituaries for the Words 'Suddenly' and 'Unexpectedly' - Here's What He Found
Majority of Americans blame Covid vaccines for unexplained deaths, new survey shows - Jan 13, 2024
Top Cardiologist Testifies: Heart Failure Soaring Among Vaxxed - January 13, 2024
Pfizer Invests Billions in Treatments for Coming 'Heart Failure Pandemic' - January 13, 2024
America Suffering 'Autism Tsunami,' Top Study Warns - January 12, 2024
Excess Deaths coming in 2024 w/ Ed Dowd - Jan 12, 2024
WEF Calls Secretive Meeting to Prepare for 'Disease X'
Pfizer to Make Billions from Treating 'Heart Failure Pandemic'
Fauci Admits Lab Leak Not Conspiracy Theory, Social Distancing Guidelines Not Based In Science. - 1.11.24
BOMBSHELL Vaccine Data - This Could Change EVERYTHING - 730,849 views 1.10.24
Embalmer survey 2023: Over 75% are still seeing novel white fibrous clots - Jan 10, 2024
Howard Stern gets Covid - Jan 10, 2024
Howard Stern has bad COVID; Rage Against the Machine breaks up (cancer); CNN's Sara Sidner has breast cancer; Baywatch's Nicole Eggert has breast cancer; Kate Beckinsdale's stepdad has cancer, stroke - Jan 10, 2024
Analysis: mRNA shots for COVID bypassed 'laws and regulations' protecting Americans - January 10, 2024
False savior: COVID vaccine rollout spurred a 55% increase in disabilities among American working women
The "Silent Cardiac Killer" Fraud: >20 young people age 14-35 drop dead each week. 1 in 300 now carry an "undetected heart condition". How they are planning to cover up COVID-19 Vaccine Cardiac Deaths - DR. WILLIAM MAKIS MD - Jan 10, 2024
'Unexpected' Deaths of Young Americans Soared in 2023 - January 10, 2024
Obituaries Citing 'Sudden' & 'Unexpected' Deaths Skyrocket - January 9, 2024
Biologist Warns WHO Planning to Take Control Over Nations For Next Pandemic, Confirms COVID 'Vaccines' Killed 17 MILLION People
Extremely important supplement to the Bret Weinstein interview by Jeffrey Tucker - Jan 7, 2024
VIDEO - Hospital Protocols killed Catherine Gall's unvaccinated 68 yo husband - horror story (CHD Dec.7, 2023) - Dr. William Makis MD - Jan 8, 2024
U.S Scientists Held Secret Meeting with Covid 'Batwoman' Right Before Start of Pandemic - January 7, 2024
Nurse Confirms Hospitals Killed Patients to Boost Covid Deaths - 1.8.24
A summary of the evidence against the COVID vaccines - Jan 6, 2024
Rapid Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) or Prion Disease in the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated - 25 cases in 2023 and a recent cluster of New Cases - biggest dangers of mRNA jabs: Turbo Cancer & PRIONS - Dr. William Makis MD - Jan 7, 2024
The AARP just told its 38 million members to get an eighth (yes, EIGHTH!) shot of mRNA - Jan 5, 2024
Episode 353: 1986: THE UNTOLD STORY - 1.6.24
'Long Covid' Caused by mRNA Injections, Scientists Warn - January 6, 2024
mRNA Covid Vaccines Worsen Diabetes, Study Finds - Jan 5, 2024
Why Are So Many Californians Dying? Jan 04, 2024
Bill Gates Insider Warns of Massive Population Plunge in 'Highly Vaccinated Countries' - January 5, 2024
Florida Considering Ban of Covid mRNA Shots: 'Not Appropriate for Use in Human Beings' - January 5, 2024
55% Spike in Young Disabled Women Since Vax Rollout - January 4, 2024
"Autism Tsunami" republished in the journal Science, Public Health Policy, & the Law - Jan 3, 2024
Neurowarfare: The Brain is the Battlefield - Jan 4, 2024
In first, Israeli Supreme Court strikes down Basic Law - January 2, 2024
THE DEFENDER:French Researchers Identify 'Improbably High Rate of Deaths' in Newborns Who Received New RSV Shot - Jan 2, 2024
The Pandora's Vaccine 2
'In shock': Two British Airways flight attendants die suddenly - 1.4.24
'Experts' Say New COVID Strain Will Cause Global "Heart Failure Pandemic" - Dec 30, 2023
Nurse Gail Macrae reveals stunning facts about the COVID vax and protocols
BREAKING- Pentagon Confirms 973% Increase in Heart Failure Following COVID Shots - 53,831 views 1.29.24

Experts Claim Global Heart Failure Pandemic Caused by New COVID Strain - January 3rd 2024,
Florida surgeon general calls for halt on mRNA covid vaccines, citing debunked claim

Mask Mandates Reimplemented in LA County for Health Care Facilities - January 2, 2024
Service Members and Veterans Rise Up, Vow to Hold Leaders Accountable for Mandated Mass Vax Deaths
January 2, 2024

More Evidence Emerges for COVID Lab-Leak Theory. - 1.3.24
Dr. Yeadon: " ...a Number of Medical Doctors Maintain There Was a Pandemic & a Novel Disease. I've Long Stopped Believing That." - 12.31.23
The single most important interview I've ever done: former Kaiser nurse Gail Macrae - 90% of the COVID deaths in hospitals were attributed to COVID treatment protocols. ICU doc estimated up to an 80% increase in mortality due to the COVID vaccine.
Fired Nurse Blows Whistle, Exposes Mass Vaccine Deaths - January 1, 2024

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