File # 69 - Health November 30, 2023

Denmark Reports Pneumonia Epidemic, Possible Links to Chinese Outbreak. 11.30.23
Pandemic 2 Officially Launched By Globalists - November 28th 2023
Tom Renz Drops Major Bombshell: DARPA Created Aerosolized Covid Vaccine BEFORE The Release of Covid!
Covid Shots Promote 'Hyperprogressive Cancers,' New Evidence Shows - November 28, 2023
Gold giant fires Christian for refusing COVID shot, now faces the music - 'My body does not belong to me'
Thanksgiving travelers prepare for 'new COVID threat.' It's called HV.1 - November 21, 2023
Don't worry. The FDA and CDC looking out for your safety! Just kidding - Nov 22, 2023
Military Style Propaganda is Working to Get People to Take the Vax - 11.22.23
Prominent Designer Found Dead in NYC
NFL Star Matt Ulrich Dies Unexpectedly at 41
Cody's Fight is Our Fight in the absence of government support - Nov 21, 2023
British Soccer Player Dies Suddenly at 30 - November 20, 2023
Lockdowns Had Zero Impact on Covid, Major Study Finds - November 20, 2023
Dr. Peter McCullough - Heart & DNA Damage In Every COVID Injected Person - 11.19.23
CDC knew COVID vaccines killed 163 children and injured 57,622, but still included the
deadly shots in childhood immunization schedules - 11.17.23
Colorado research facility will import bats from across the globe and inject them w/ various
diseases, funded by Fauci's NIH
The Army Is Begging Unvaccinated Soldiers To Return - Nov 17, 2023
Former NFL Star Devon Wylie Dies Suddenly at 35 - November 17, 2023

INTENT TO DECEIVE: COVID Shot Contamination With Kevin McKernan - Oct 24, 2023
How Pfizer Hid Nearly 80% of COVID Vaccine Trial Deaths From Regulators - 10.27.23
Elon Musk: The Mind Virus Is a Death Cult and the End of Civilization - Oct 31, 2023

'The two patterns are dying in sleep, or dying during sports' ~ Dr Peter McCullough
TV Star Sues AstraZeneca After Stroke She Claims Was Caused By Vaccine. - 11.16.23
Top FDA Officials Took High-Paying Big Pharma Jobs after Approving Covid Shots - November 16, 2023
US Government Confirms Covid Shots Triggered 143,233% Increase in Cancers - November 16, 2023
Tragic: 15-Month-Old Girl Dies from Organ Failure and Cardiac Arrest Two Days After Receiving
Three Vaccines During Routine Visit Nov. 12, 2023
OB-GYN Testifies on Alarming Miscarriage Spike among Vaxxed Women - November 14, 2023
CDC Admits Covid Shots Injured, Killed Thousands of Children - November 14, 2023
28-Year-Old Soccer Dies Suddenly after Heart Attack Mid-Game - November 13, 2023
The NewsGuard Racket: Fact-Checking, Brought to You by Big Pharma - 11.12.23

600+ Hospitals Collapsing over Covid Mandates, Fed Arm Twists, Brain Drain - 122k views 11.10.23
Sudden Deaths Doubled after Covid Shots, Pfizer Trials Show - November 12, 2023
Top Cardiologist Testifies: Covid Shots 'Are Not Safe for Human Use' - November 11, 2023

World's First Recombinant Anthrax Vaccine Seeks Approval in Order to "Prepare Against Potential
Bioterrorism" - Nov. 10, 2023
Gov. Abbott signs bill banning COVID-19 vaccine mandates in private sector - Nov 10, 2023
Some kids as young as 6 months got double dose of Moderna's COVID vax, FDA admits - November 9, 2023

Ebola is in the COVID Vaccines! Respected Research Scientist Judy Mikovits Drops Massive Bombshells!
137,982 views Nov 8, 2023

Sudden Deaths 'Explode' Among Young People, Experts 'Alarmed' - November 10, 2023
Brazilian Influencer Vanessa Mancini Dies Suddenly at 41 after 'Massive Heart Attack'- Nov 9, 2023
The COVID Shots Won't Be Talked About for the Next 10 Years but for the Next 100, Says Data Analyst

Gates-funded to vaccinate 86 million girls against HPV will 'unleash mass casualty events', critic says
'The two patterns are dying in sleep, or dying during sports' ~ Dr Peter McCullough
Bill Ackman Talking About Why His Opinion of RFK Jr Changed: - 11.3.23
Former Child Star Found Dead at 35 - 11.9.23
AstraZeneca's COVID Vaccine Was 'Defective', Lawsuit Claims.- 11.9.23
Brazil's Govt Threatens to Withhold Welfare If Parents Don't Vaccinate Their Children.- 11.9.23
'CSI: Miami' Actor Evan Ellingson Found Dead at 35 - November 7, 2023
14-Year-Old Boy Suddenly Dies While Running a 5K Race in Florida - November 7, 2023

Demand for Unvaccinated Sperm Sharply Increases.- Nov 7, 2023
FDA Responds After Being Urged To Recall Pfizer's Vaccine Over DNA Fragments - Nov 05, 2023

New GOP House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson, an Israel-first Republican, made "getting vaccines
into arms" one of his top priorities during COVID, records show - 8.1K Views 11/03/2023
Israeli MoH data released in March 2023 proves the vaccines are killing people. How come nobody
noticed?? Hello!?!? - Nov 5, 2023
Elon Musk: Ventilators Killed People, Not Covid - November 5, 2023
Fauci's Montana Lab Experimented With Wuhan Coronavirus Strain Pre-Pandemic - Nov 3, 2023
Huge chunk of COVID-vax victims hit with 'tremors, insomnia, muscle spasms' - October 31, 2023

New study of more than 19,000 confirms massive toll in neurological complications - October 31, 2023
'Next Pandemic' Will Be the 'Big One,' Deadliest Known to Humanity, Scientists Warn - November 4, 2023
Trump Knew Something About The Bio-Weapon He Thought We Never Find Out - Nov 1, 2023
U.S Infant Mortality Rate Soars to Record High - November 2, 2023

Rasmussen poll: A stunning 42% of Americans would likely join a class action lawsuit against COVID
vax makers if it was permitted by law - Nov 2, 2023
Parents Sue California over Vaccine Mandates in Schools - October 31, 2023
'General Hospital' Actor Dies Suddenly at 50 after 'Cardiac Event' - November 1, 2023
'Neurological Complications' Soar Among Covid mRNA Vaxxed, Study Warns - November 1, 2023

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