File # 66 - Health August 31, 2023

Red-state school district shuts down due to COVID - Aug 26, 2023
"Project NextGen": Biden Administration Announces $5 Billion in COVID-19 Funding - Aug 24, 2023
CDC: New COVID-19 variant may affect vaccinated or previously infected people more than earlier strains -

Aug 25, 2023 - Plandemic script revealed, re-education camps for those who #DoNotComply (explicit)
mRNA Inventor Warns Public about Return of 'Illegal' Lockdowns - August 25, 2023
Biden Admin Pumps $1.4 Billion into New Covid Vaccine Push - August 25, 2023
Is This The Real Reason "Eris" Cases Are Spiking? - Aug 21, 2023
Fauci defends Tyranny stating Lockdowns are a Great Tool to forcibly "vaccinate" People - 08-24-2023
Buyer Beware: How mRNA Vaccines Are Tainting the Organic Food Supply - Attorney Tom Renz - Aug 22, 2023
Disturbing Trend: Maternal Death Rates Have Soared 50% in America Since Vaccine Rollout - Aug 22, 2023
US Awards $1.4B for New COVID Therapies, Vaccines - 8.22.23
Pfizer Admits Cover-up: 'mRNA' Covid Shots 'Modify' DNA
Died Suddenly Prophetic: Rip John McAfee
Once again Ty & Charlene Bollinger have produced another important medical series under their Truth About Vaccines DOCU-SERIES.
Forced Into Taking COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines, Nurses Are Developing Advanced Turbo Cancers

Video: Pfizer's "Secret" Report on the Covid Vaccine. Beyond Manslaughter. The Evidence is Overwhelming. The Vaccine Should Be Immediately Withdrawn Worldwide
LeBron James watches Dodgers win alongside sons Bronny and Bryce... as NBA star's eldest son continues recovery from cardiac arrest - 20 August 2023
Pilot 'dies suddenly' mid-flight after two pilot casualties in one month August 17, 2023
SHOCKING NEW VAX DATA! - CDC Data Shows Over 118,000 Children Died Suddenly After Injections! -
Suicide reached record high in 2022 as vast differences among sexes remain: CDC - 8.15.23
Vaccines are causing most Type I diabetes - 8.16.23
Olympic swimmer dies suddenly at age 42 - August 16, 2023
LATAM pilot Iván Andaur, 56, collapses and dies in the lavatory of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner flying from Miami to Chile - Aug 16, 2023
Big Pharma Insider: 'Pandemic Was a Military Bioterrorism Project' - August 27, 2023
WWE Star Bray Wyatt Dies 'Unexpectedly' at 36 - August 25, 2023
Kindergarten vaccine exemptions reach all-time high in last 10 years

'Healthy' 14-year-old boy dies in his sleep at his grandparents' house, family in shock - August 23, 2023
Doctors Received Cash Rewards for Every Patient They Got Vaccinated
Covid Infections have DOUBLED in US in past month amid rise of two mutant variants BA.2.86 and 'Eris', official data suggests - 23 August 2023
Brighteon Broadcast News, Aug 22, 2023 - #DONOTCOMPLY with the COVID tyranny now being unleashed
The Mandates Are Back - Aug 21, 2023
83% of the residents of a nursing home died in a month. Can we talk about it? - Aug 21, 2023
1/3 Of Humanity Injured By Covid Vaccine!! 20 Million Killed!! - August 20, 2023
Go ahead... get your COVID booster. Nothing to worry about. These are all coincidences. Aug 17, 2023

New police testimony + peer-reviewed literature both show vaccines ARE causing SIDS: No doubt about it!
Olympic swimmer dies suddenly at age 42 - August 16, 2023
Amid Healthcare Militarization, New WH "Pandemic" Office: Twila Brase
More than 94% of all leprosy outbreak cases occurring among covid-jabbed victims - 08/17/2023
Fully Vaxxed Pilot Drops Dead Mid-Flight on Plane Carrying 271 Passengers
CRISPR Gene Editing: New Evidence of 'Potentially Irreversible Safety Risks' - 8.16.23
Australian Lawmakers Uncover Pfizer Used A Separate Untested Batch For Its Employees - 105,026 views
"DNA IS IN THE VACCINES." 40 Trillion spikes in every shot! Dr Chris Shoemaker - August 8th, 2023
More young Americans are dying - and it's not COVID. Why aren't we searching for answers? - Aug 11,2023
Sen. Ron Johnson Says Pandemic "Preplanned By An Elite Group Of People" Who Conducted "Event 201" 8.13,23

Rapper Young Capone 'dies at age 35 after being reported missing in Chicago' - 8.17.23
Heart attack hospitalizations have now reached a record level since pandemic
Alex Collins dead at 28: Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks in mourning at the passing of the running back as tributes pour in
German Leader: Covid Was a 'Beta Test' for Coming 'Climate Lockdowns'
Unwitting metaphor for the ambiguities of Vatican justice dies at 62 - Aug 13, 2023
Vaccine victims with no voice (Vol. 23) (see 22 more stories on the bottom of the page) - July 21, 2023
Predictors of the Profitable Pandemic - 7.30.23
Senator Johnson: Covid Was 'Preplanned by Elite Group' to 'Take Total Control of Our Lives' - August 13, 2023
WHO Pushes Mass Vaccinations Due to 'Climate Change-Related Diseases'
Dr. Peter McCullough on LeBron James Son's Cardiac Arrest and the Potential Role of Spike Protein
White House asked Facebook to help target vaccine-hesitant users, new documents show - August 02, 2023
104 Colleges Still Have Vax Mandates: Report - August 2, 2023
Shelley Smith dead at 70: Model turned actress achieved game show fame on The $10,000 Pyramid and founded Egg Donor Program (Cardiac Arrest) 8.12.23
VSRF Livestream #89: mRNA Autopsies Revealed with Dr. Peter McCullough - Aug 10, 2023
VIDEO: Dr. David Martin Claims COVID-19 Pandemic Was Pre-Meditated Domestic Terrorism, Speaks at European Parliament Summit
16-Year-Old Cheerleader Dies after Sudden Cardiac Arrest - August 12, 2023
Nurse reveals that the COVID vaccine killed nearly 20% of patients at her facility - Aug 11, 2023

Newsom Funded Chinese COVID Lab Known To Biden's FDA - Aug 9, 2023
BREAKING: Early onset dementia is being caused by the COVID vaccine (~25X increase) - Aug 10, 2023
Report: Nearly 120,000 young adults, children died from COVID shots - August 10, 2023
Johnny Hardwick dead at 59: King of the Hill star who voiced Dale Gribble passes away suddenly at home in Texas Biden admin allocates $5 billion for new COVID vaccines with little manufacturing guidance - July 23, 2023
MUST SEE VIDEO… Naomi Wolf: "We Know from the Pfizer Docs that it Murders Babies in the Womb" - 8.7,23
VAERS data is crystal clear: The COVID vaccines are killing an estimated 1 person per 1,000 doses (676,000 dead Americans)
BREAKING: Over 25% of elderly residents of a SNF died within a 20-day period after getting the COVID jab in December 2020
Bombshell! COVID Vaccines Contain Cow Protein That Triggers Deadly Meat Allergies - August 7th 2023
New Covid variant 'Eris' is now dominant, CDC says - 7 August 2023
Liberty University freshman football player Tajh Boyd dies suddenly just weeks before his 20th birthday
mRNA Covid Shots Should Be Labeled 'Gene Therapy Products,' Peer-Reviewed Study Warns
Why are so many pro wrestlers dying young? Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Andre the Giant are just some of the stars to pass away prematurely for tragic reasons - 6 August 2023
Mormon Liam Mildenstein, 19, collapses and DIES of heart failure in front of his family moments after revealing his first mission for the church would be to Japan 5 Aug 2023
Infant Vaccines Linked to Increase in All-Cause Mortality, New Research Shows - 08/01/23
COVID vaccines increase risk of serious cardiac events by 18X
The more early childhood vaccines, the higher the infant death rate - Jul 30, 2023
Angus Cloud, 'Euphoria' star, dies at 25 - August 1, 2023
mRNA Inventor: Covid Shots Were 'Designed to Depopulate Earth' - August 2, 2023

VSRF Livestream #88: 'Young Athletes Are Falling' with Christina Parks, PhD & Robert Seik, PharmD - 8.3,23
USDA Using 'Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy' For mRNA Vaccines in Organic Livestock - Bombshell Report
Fauci's Replacement Pushes Lockdowns, Mask Mandates, Forced Vaccinations - August 4, 2023
DATA ANALYSIS: Increase in miscarriages and stillbirths directly linked to COVID-19 vaccines - 08/03/2023
Canada's budget allots millions of dollars for "vaccine passports" until 2026, memo shows - 08/03/2023
Pfizer to Cash In on Cardiovascular Treatments as Heart Attack Deaths Skyrocket - August 3, 2023
The CDC Website Posts Eerie Warning About Anthrax - 8.2.23

Ozempic and Moujaro makers are sued over claims their weight-loss drugs permanently paralyzed their stomachs -
Heart Attack Deaths Soar 30% in Young Americans, Media Baffled - August 2, 2023
Can leprosy be cured? CDC issues travel advisory to Florida after state sees increase in cases - 1 August 2023

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