File # 65 - Health July 31, 2023

New CDC Director Pushes 'Annual Covid Shot' - July 30, 2023
How often do USC basketball players get cardiac arrests? Steve Kirsch - Jul 28, 2023

After Long Silence On 'Long Vax', Science Magazine Links Autoimmune Disorders To COVID Shots - Jul 21, 2023
Have Billions Been Left With No Immune System?
Canadian Junior Hockey abd Lacrosse Star Tyson Downs dies unexpectedly at 18 - 7.26.23

UPDATE: Blood Clots Found Near Heart of Grammy-Winning Singer - 7.27.23
Bronny James discharged from hospital after his cardiac arrest on Monday as staff say they are 'hopeful for his continued progress and are encouraged by his response' July 27, 2023
EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Mercola Exposes the COVID Lockdown as Trial Run for the Next Engineered Pandemic Crisis
Chicago Blackhawks Owner Rocky Wirtz Dies Unexpectedly At 70 - July 25, 2023
Health Officials: 'Explosion' in Heart Attack Deaths Since mRNA Shot Rollout Is Just a 'Coincidence'

REPORT: LeBron James' Son Bronny Collapses After Suffering Cardiac Arrest - July 25, 2023
Report: Tori Kelly hospitalized, blood clots found - July 24, 2023
Alex Jones asks Dr. Peter McCullough
Steve Kirsch: 1 in 3 Young People Who got "Vaxxed" Suffered Heart Injuries - January 2023
Missing VAERS Reports: Dr. Walensky and CDC Are Covering Up the Scene of a Crime - January 2023
Doctor call provides even more evidence that vaccines are the leading cause of autism and SIDS - Jul 24, 2023
Ed Dowd: 'They Can't Run From This Data' - 7.14.2023
America's STD explosion laid bare: As Houston records unprecedented rise in syphilis, DailyMail.com's interactive maps show how infections are soaring across the board
After Long Silence On 'Long Vax', Science Magazine Links Autoimmune Disorders To COVID Shots - Jul 21, 2023 Unvaxxed Amish Children Don't Get Cancer or Autism, Study Shows - July 21, 2023
Florida GOP leaders declare COVID "vaccines" a BIOWEAPON as the truth becomes undeniable - 7/19/2023
Dr. Peter McCullough: mRNA vaccines contain tumor gene promoter SV40 and inhibit tumor suppressors -
Former Iowa football player dies 'unexpectedly' at just 23 years old: 'Everybody loved Cody' - July 19, 2023
Rep. Bean to Newsmax: COVID Relief Fraud Is 'Shocking'
Low-Risk Medical School Students Are Being Forced To Get The Covid Booster - July 13, 2023
Peru Declares National Health Emergency Following "Unusual Increase" in Guillain-Barre Syndrome that May Be Linked to COVID Vaccine - Jul. 10, 2023

VAERS data shows that vaccines cause autism - Steve Kirsch - Jul 18, 2023
Can anyone explain the alarming rise in disability in both the US and UK? Jul 18, 2023
Wuhan Lab Leak "So Friggin' Likely" - New Slack Messages Reveal Massive Media Deception By Fauci & 'Scientists'
America's first malaria outbreak in decades grows: Florida reports its SEVENTH case of locally contracted disease - 7.19.23
Is the CDC totally blind to all the adverse events from the COVID vaccines? - Steve Kirsch - Jul 17, 2023
BIOWARFARE ON AMERICANS: RFK Jr. says CIA was directly involved funding COVID research Wuhan lab
BREAKING: VAERS data clearly shows that the COVID vaccines are an unmitigated disaster for pregnant women - Colleagues mourn network meteorologist after she dies suddenly not long after being on air - - July 17, 2023
Number Of Virus Outbreaks On Cruise Ships Surging: CDC - Jul 15, 2023
Crude Excess Deaths per million in % in the Second Half of 2022
YouTube Deletes Australian Politician's Parliamentary Speech on COVID-19, Claiming it's 'Medical Misinformation' (VIDEO)

'Alarming' Sevenfold Increase In Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Linked To COVID-19 And Vaccine - Jul 10, 2023
Over 1M Americans are likely severely vaccine injured by the COVID vaccines - 7.15.23
All Vaccines Need to Be Evaluated & Government Ignores the Injured w/ Dr. McCullough - 7.14.23
Longtime college football coach Bryan Collins dies at age 58 after the Stony Brook football defensive coordinator suffered 'cardiac event" 7.10.2023'
All My Children star Jeffrey Carlson, who made history playing first trans on daytime television, 'dies at 48'
Long Island high school football player, 17, is taken off life support after suffering 'cardiac event' during conditioning drills

CDC caught altering COVID shot death certificates - July 7, 2023
Report cited widespread suppression of information about damage from vaccines - July 7, 2023
Why Are People Suddenly Dropping Dead? - 187,812 views July 6, 2023
Actress Katarina Pavelek opts for assisted SUICIDE following COVID "booster" shot injuries - 07/04/2023
FDA blasted for 'misleading' mRNA COVID vaccine labels as 'sudden death' research mounts - July 5, 2023
The most damaging paper of the pandemic has just been published in The Lancet - Jul 5, 2023

Global Vaccine Alliance to deploy six-in-one vaccine to lower-income countries, establish innovative mechanisms to protect against future epidemic threats - June 28, 2023
Steve Kirsch During PA State Senate Hearing : "We Can't Find an Autistic Kid Who Was Unvaccinated" Within Amish Community (VIDEO) - Jun. 29, 2023
UFC fighter reports blood clots after COVID shot, says mom killed by jab - July 4, 2023
Pfizer vaccine batches in E.U. were placebos, say scientists - June 29, 2023

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