File # 45 - Health March 31, 2022

Colorado’s COVID-19 hospitalizations drop to near-record low
More Than 11.2 Billion Shots Given: Covid-19 Tracker In the U.S., 559 million doses have been administered - 3.28.22
Tracking Covid-19 cases in the US. Since January 2020, the disease has spread to each state and nearly every territory - March 29, 2022
FDA authorizes second COVID booster shot for all Americans over the age of 50 - March 29, 2022
COVID-19 Misinformation is Ubiquitous: 78% of the Public Believes or is Unsure About At Least One False Statement, and Nearly a Third Believe At Least Four of Eight False Statements Tested Belief in Misinformation Much More Common among Unvaccinated Adults and Republicans 11.08.21
On Wed, Mar 2, 2022 at 9:55 AM Arlene Johnson <> wrote:
My dear friends in California,
Please read this request for a debate on who is disseminating misinformation/disinformation, and then send it to everyone you know there. A state assemblyman and state senator, whose names are in this, need to be made to carry this through. My grandson read me two text messages my daughter sent before she died as the result of the COVID-19 shots she got last year on May 3rd and June 1st:
Alec Fromberg,7/7/2021 2:33pm
Alec, I’m sick as a dog. I think the covid vaccine poisoned me. My right leg is burning, my heart hurts, I have no energy, and a fever. Please pray for me.I won’t be driving unless I feel better. Robin - June 15, 2021 7:04 am - I feel horrible today; my spleen hurts and my whole body aches. Unfortunately I can’t help you today. I am way too sick. I’ll let you know when I feel better. Sorry. Best always, Robin - She died on October 8, 2021.
Go to VAERS to get official number as a PDF:
CA Lawmakers Propose Bill to Punish Doctors Who Speak Against COVID Treatment ‘Consensus’

White House to announce second COVID-19 booster for older Americans: report - 03/25/22
'Catastrophic' bleed: Coroner concludes 34-year-old mom died of COVID vaccine Husband: She said 'her head felt like it was going to explode'
It Got Worse! UK Reports 92% of Covid-19 Deaths are Vaccinated!
Silent War : Millennial Deaths 2x (Vax) as Army Purges, Ukraine's Dictator & US BIOLABs.
BREAKING: Fauci Announces New Covid Lockdown Plan

CDC Removes 24 Percent of Child COVID-19 Deaths, Thousands of Others - March 19, 2022
Pfizer Worker Knew About Covid Attack & Says "Far More is on the Way"
Pelosi wants $45 billion in new COVID money, double White House ask, after Dems nixed last request Hong Kong storing bodies in shipping containers amid Omicron surge: photos - March 17, 2022
Moderna seeks FDA authorization for 4th dose of COVID shot(this video addresses stockmarket values) - 3.17.22
HERE WE GO AGAIN: Germany raises alarm as Covid infections surge to record levels…China locks down millions - Australian Media Tries To Hide Massive Heart Attack Vaccine Damage - 250,045 views - Mar 15, 2022
Over 24,000 deaths and 1.1 Million adverse reactions to the experimental COVID jab... When will this finally end?
'Triple-jabbed' Obama tests positive for COVID, but is he lying about shot? 'Michelle and I are grateful to be vaccinated and boosted' March 13, 2022
10K Pages of Pfizer Docs Reveal 158K Adverse Events, 42K Case Reports, 1.2K Deaths in First 3 Months 209,634 views - Mar 11, 2022
NYC lifts COVID vaccine and mask mandates - 106,180 views - Mar 7, 2022
He Apoligizes, Admits Covid Policies Were Wrong
COVID-19 can infect penis and testicle cells and potentially cause erectile dysfunction, study finds - Tens of millions of doses being trashed as demand for COVID vaccines collapses - March 6, 2022
BOMBSHELL: Pfizer Vaccine Study's Massive List Of "Adverse Events Of Interest"
Worst Fears Realized: Pfizer mRNA Integrates Into Your DNA - February 27th, 2022
Official data: Fully vaccinated people account for 9 of 10 COVID deaths - March 2, 2022
Liberté! France Announces ‘Suspension’ of Vaccine Pass Regime - 3.3.22
White House asks Congress for additional $32.5 billion to support Ukraine, fight Covid - 3.3 2022
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - What’s In the COVID-19 Vaccines & Practical Solutions to Fight Against Medical Tyranny
DETAILS - Pfizer Vaccine Becomes DNA in The Human Liver Cells Huh7. (In-vitro Swedish Study) - A National Vaccine Pass Has Quietly Rolled Out – And Red States Are Getting On Board - 2.24.22
Video: DeSantis Tells Students Standing Behind Him To Take Off “Ridiculous” Masks - 3.3.2022
Study finds that Pfizer mRNA covid injection overwrites human DNA with new genetic code
Bombshell: Pfizer’s covid jab contents enter the liver, alter human chromosomes and rewrite DNA
THEY ADMIT IT! - Jab IS THE VARIANT! - Causing Death & Injury! - MASSIVE Coverup EXPOSED!

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