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Here’s the 12 Times Federal Judges Have Blocked Joe Biden’s COVID Mandates
Doctor Pulmonary Hemorrhage Killing Newborn Babies of Vaxxed Moms - 8 Ways the mRNA COVID Vaccine Can Kill You - Stew Peters
Dr Peter McCullough - URGENT WARNING About Poisonous 'Vaccines'- July 30th, 2021

German Health Minister Calls For Immediate Forced Vaccination Of Entire Population - December 20th 2021
Video Shows Mandate Protester Arrested After Refusing to Show Vaxx Pass to Buy Food (in the US) 12.20.21
Video: Fauci Says Don’t Have Family Over At Christmas Unless They Are Vaxxed - December 20th 2021
Omicron Christmas Present? - December 18, 2021
Troops find religious exemption for vaccines unattainable - December 19, 2021
Tech company develops microchip implanted in the body that stores a COVID-19 vaccine passport so it's 'always accessible'
Swedish company showcases microchip that can download COVID-19 passport status - December 19, 2021
Covid pass will soon need booster jab to remain valid - 13 Dec 2021
New Study finds the Covid-19 Vaccine is to blame for 98% of cases of Myocarditis among Children
Federal Govt Whistleblower Goes Public with Secret Recordings: ‘Government Doesn’t Want to Show the [COVID] - September 20, 2021
ABC sued by actor who was fired over vaccine mandate - December 14, 2021
U.S. military officially begins discharging unvaccinated service members - December 14, 2021
NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Imposes Statewide Mask Mandate, Violators Face Criminal Penalties, $1,000 Fine
Ritual Humiliation of Children in Germany: Kids are Forced to go to Front of the Class and State Their Vaccination Status – the Vaccinated are Applauded
Google tells employees it will lose pay, fire those who remain unvaccinated: report - 12.13.2021
109 Republicans Call on Nancy Pelosi to Pass Legislation to Nullify Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate -15 Dec 2021
Bumbler-in-Chief Joe Biden announced a winter of death and severe illness for people refusing to get jabbed with experimental mRNA vaccines.

German Leader Says He’s “Chancellor of the Unvaccinated” Despite Supporting Mandatory Vaccinations -
New York Bill Would Allow Gov. to Detain Anyone Considered to be Public Health Threat - December 14th 2021
Video: New German Chancellor Says There Will Be “No Red Lines” As Regards COVID Restrictions - 12.15.21
Did Dr. Fauci just give Americans an ominous warning? - Dec 10, 2021
Funeral Director Says COVID-19 Jabs KILLING Everyone; Destroying Immune Systems - 07 December 2021

Pennsylvania GOP Senate votes to bar school children from COVID-19 requirement - 12/13/21
27 Discharged from Airforce For Refusing COVID Vaccine as Thousands more Hold Out - 12.13.2021
Beverly Hills Firefighters Label Vaccine Mandate "Experimental Gene Modification" in Challenge - 12.13.2021
A New Bill In Congress Would Establish A Federal Vaccination Database All Across America - December 8, 2021
U.S. Senate Moves to Reject Biden's Vaccine Mandate for Private Businesses - December 9, 2021
Biden reveals plan to ‘vaccinate the world’ - 3 Dec, 2021
Solutions for Healing from the mRNA Bioweapon – Suramin, Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide and More with Dr Nieusma - 18,466 views -Nov 27, 2021
OMICRON hysteria is a virus of the MIND. psychological terrorism targeting humanity - 50790 views - 11.29,21
U.S. judge imposes injunction against federal contractor vaccination mandate in three states Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee - December 1, 2021
Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers in 10 States - November 29, 2021

The crackpots were right: COVID is a racket - December 8, 2021
THE GREAT ESCAPE from Australia’s COVID concentration death camps - December 02, 2021
US identifies first case of Omicron variant; patient was fully vaccinated Dec 01, 2021
People Get Microchips Implanted That Include Vaccine Records Amid New COVID Restrictions - 12.3.2021
California Mother Says Son Was Enticed Into Vaccination With Pizza, WITHOUT Her Consent - 12.8.21
Nurse in Idaho explains Hospital Protocol is Killing Patients, not Covid.
Video: Microfluidic Biochips in C-19 Jabs & Marburg Virus - GRAPHENE MICROBUBBLES
Friday Emergency Broadcast: Biden Pledges to Forcibly Inject All Babies at Birth With Pfizer’s Bioweapon (scroll)
Watch Live: American Heart Association Censored for Warning about Covid Vaccine Side Effects - 12.3.21
The Amount of Graphene Oxide Injected via the COVID-19 Vaccinations Determines When the Vaxxed Will Die - Dr. Shankara Chetty: Vaccine Kill Jab Designed to Depopulate Earth by One Billion - 11/29/21
Five things to know about omicron, new COVID-19 'variant of concern' - 11/26/21
MURDER! Just Hours After Publishing the Secret of the Vaxx, Dr Noack is DEAD - November 30, 2021
CDC Says Everyone 18 and Older Should Get Covid-19 Booster Due to Omicron Variant - Nov. 29, 2021
The Inside Voodoo of the OMICRON Fear Campaign - December 5, 2021
Of the New Cases of the Omicron Variant Identified in the US on Thursday – All the Individuals Were Vaxed When the Vaccination Status is Known
Breaking: Two Years and 5.2 Million Deaths Later Chinese Doctors Admit They Have the Antibody That Can Neutralize All Strains of COVID
Friar Alexis Bugnolo Says 2 Billion Dead in the Next Year. Are You Ready? November 26, 2021
Another Professional Soccer Player Suddenly Collapses In The Middle Of A Game - Nov 26, 2021
Former Pro Calls For "Investigation" After Another Soccer Player Suddenly Collapses - Nov 26, 2021
Microfluidic Biochips in C-19 Jabs & Marburg Virus - GRAPHENE MICROBUBBLES October 31st, 2021
WHO calls special meeting to discuss new Covid variant found in South Africa with ‘a large number of mutations’ - Novr 25, 2021
Exposing Lies & Misinformation Revealing The Truth (This is the first episode of 9 episodes)
PINE NEEDLE TEA [Source of Suramin]: Antidote for the Covid 19 Vaccine
Possible Ways to Neutralise Spike Protein Damage from COVID Vaccines - June 19, 2021
South African Physician warns of the bigger plan - November 11, 2021
Australia builds COVID camps for ‘new class of lepers – the unvaccinated’ - Nov 23, 2021
Billions of victims of vaccine-induced AIDS will soon emerge to the horror of humanity - 46670 views - 12.1.21

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