File # 38 - Health October 31, 2021


Famous Leftist Calls For Unvaccinated To Be Isolated And Deprived Of Food, Civil War Talk Escalates - 263,471 views - Oct 25, 2021
Government Is Drunk on Power - Live With Laura-Lynn Published - October 28, 2021
The Incidence of Cancer, Triggered by the Covid 19 “Vaccine” - 10.23.2021
Exposed: Inhumane, lethal COVID Protocol in hospitals - Exclusive: Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D., shows link to Obama-era rationing of care for people 50-plus - October 25, 2021

SHOCKING Allegation: Disgraced Politician Was Blackmailed by Big Pharma Interests to Impose “Vaccine” Mandate - October 9, 2021
Situation Update, Oct 14, 2021 - COVID relief funds deployed for communist takeover of America's entire economy and labor pool - 54020 views
Your Blood Is Theirs: New Vaccine Passport Will Require Blood Tests For Travel And Commerce – Watch Live - October 18th 2021 Joe Rogan Confirms His Doctor Treated Over 200 Members of Congress With Ivermectin - October 27th 2021
Horowitz: Irish county with 99.7% vaccination rate has highest COVID case rate - October 28, 2021
Situation Update, Oct 27, 2021 - FDA endorses murderous vaccine ATROCITIES against children... God's wrath will show no mercy - 28310 views
COVID Criminals to Face ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Charges: Dr Fleming - October 13, 2021 - 15,124 views
Medical Bombshell: Pfizer Vax Attacks Human Blood Creating Clots Under Microscope - 10.26.21
Fauci’s policies are KILLING 10,000 children a month, plunging tens of millions of people into abject poverty and starvation all around the world - 10.12.2021
Sen. Ron Johnson: There is not an FDA approved COVID vaccine in the US - October 1, 2021
Canadian Doctor: 62% of Patients Vaccinated for COVID Have Permanent Heart Damage - 163,726 - 7.14.21

SHOCKING: Dr. Carrie Madej Releases FIRST LOOK at Pfizer Vial Contents - 15,734 views - October 21, 2021
ReAwaken Converation about COVID Vaccines the final Killshot
Highest Paid Washington State Employee, Winning Washington State Coach Nick Rolovich, Fired for Refusing to Take COVID Jab - October 19, 2021
UPDATE: Japan’s COVID Numbers Are Way Down Since September But Numbers Do Not Appear to be Correlated to Vaccination Rates - October 18, 2021
UK report shows vaccinated people’s immune systems are failing at a rate of 5% a week - 10,470 v - 10.20.21
Pentagon: No Plans to Suspend COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate - October 20, 2021
Vaccine Death Report
2,000 Christian Health Care Workers Seek Emergency Order to Stop COVID Vaccine Mandate - October 14, 202

German State Allows Food Stores To BAN The Unvaccinated - October 15th 2021
Vaccine ‘sickout’ spreads to AMTRAK… Kane on October 15, 2021

Pfizer whistleblower says vaccine 'glows,' contains 'toxic' luciferase, graphene oxide compounds - 16470 views
Fully-Vaccinated College Student Shawn Kuhn Who Was ‘Super Fit’ Dies Of COVID-19 After Receiving Two Doses Of The Pfizer Vaccine Last Summer - October 16, 2021

Starting On November 28th, US Navy Guidance Will Discharge All Sailors Who Refuse To Receive The COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Without Exemption 10.15.2021
Workers fired for COVID-19 vaccine refusal may lose unemployment benefits

Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine’s Effectiveness Falls Below 50 Percent After 5 Months: Study
Countries decry 'vaccine nationalism' as poorer nations struggle for access to shots - October 13, 2021
Seventy-five countries around the world called for an end to what they describe as “vaccine nationalism” in a joint letter to the United Nations this month - October 13, 2021

Kill Shot - Oct 13, 2021
150,000 American deaths from the Covid vaccine?
NBA's Andrew Wiggins said he was 'forced' to get vaccine, says people no longer 'own' their bodies - 10.6.21
Dr. Mercola: Bill Gates Horrifying ID2020 Quantum Dot Tattoo – A Rockefeller Tracking Plan - May 21, 2020
Sweden, Denmark Halt Moderna’s Covid Shot for Younger People
The Story of Ivermectin - Temporarily Grounded Published - August 26, 2021 - 397,702 Views
BBC: 2 in 3 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the UK are among the vaccinated; 87% of hospitalizations are among the vaxxed - October 07, 2021
Sweden, Denmark both ban Moderna covid vaccine for causing myocarditis in young people - 10.06.2021
The Vaccines Are 1000% More Deadly than COVID-19 - 8,102 views - October 2, 2021

Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public with Secret Recordings - September 20, 2021
Dr Carrie Madej: First US Lab Examines “Vaccine” Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed - 47,205 views - September 30, 2021
EVER BEFORE SEEN! "Vaccine" Victims' Bodies IN BATTLE! Stew Peters Show 2021 244,808 Views - Published September 27, 2021
The Off-Guardian’s COVID Crib Sheet Presents the Facts - September 26, 2021
Mel Welcomes Brilliant Pharma Analyst & Whistleblower Karen Kingston On Terrifying Vax Facts - 9-24-21
Part 2: The COVID-19 Vaccination: Concerns, Challenges, and Questions - 4,231 Views - September 4, 2021
Thousands of NY Health Care Workers Placed on Unpaid Leave, Face Firing Over Vaccine Mandate - 9.30.21
Biden now says he'll allow country to get back to normal when 98% of U.S. is vaccinated - Lofty goal would require force, punishment to achieve - September 27, 2021
Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: The Spike Protein Is Nothing More Than Graphene Inside Your Body And Spiking You
NHS Nurse Quits & Speaks Out - 28440 views
Angry Nurse has had it with the Covid-19 Hoax
Is Covid-Vax Mandate for US Military Being Used to Purge Christians and Traditional Republicans? - 9.23.21
Restoring Public Trust During A Global Health Crisis - May 4th 2021

Despite 95% Vaccination Rate, Harvard Experiences “Substantial Outbreak” of COVID - September 28th 2021
Canadian Doctor: 62% of Patients Vaccinated for COVID Have Permanent Heart Damage
Here’s a playbook for stopping deadly cytokine storm syndrome - November 01, 2019
EVIDENCE: Covid plandemic was being schemed at least as far back as 9/11 - October 02, 2021
Seven out of 10 new covid infections occurring in “fully vaccinated:” REPORT - October 04, 2021

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