File # 36 - Health August 31, 2021

Newsbreak 133 -Dr. Young Reveals Graphene, Aluminium, LNP Capsids, Parasite in 4 Vaccines
Dr.Lee Merritt: The COVID Vaccine Program Killed More Young Active Duty People Than COVID
COVID Vaccines in the US alone: 545,337 adverse reactions and 12,366 deaths
Dr. Peter McCullough Tells RFK, Jr.: ‘The Vaccines Are Failing’
What is ACTUALLY Killing People In The Hospital 409,963 Views August 6, 2021
See What COVID Vaccine Does To Your Vital Organs - 344,782 views - Aug 20, 2021
Feedback to “A Word About the Covid Vaccines” August 30, 2021
Journalists start DYING from the same "vaccines" they've been pushing - 64760 views
Form for Employees Whose Employers Are Requiring Covid-19 Injections

Japan discovers “magnetic” substance in Pfizer covid vaccines; journalists start DYING from the vax they pushed
The Supreme Court In The US Has Ruled That The Covid Pathogen Is Not A Vaccine, Is Unsafe,

WOW! Former Pfizer Employee: "Checkmate. Game Over. We WIN" August 25, 2021
DEADLY SHOTS! Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Poison in COVID 'Vaccine' 1,897,139 View
FDA gaslights the world with FAKE "approval" of Pfizer vaccine 8.25.2021 - 28410 views
Dr Sherry Tenpenny-Pfizer Whistleblower-"200,000 Deaths From Vaccines" Currently Unverified

California Bill Seeks Jail Time For People Who Protest Vaccination Sites Including Hospitals
Washington state employees required to verify religious beliefs for vaccine mandate exemption

Data links Moderna vaccine to doubled risk of heart inflammation; feds investigating 8.24.2021
Flashback Video: Fauci Admits Vaccines May Cause Serious Illness August 25th 2021,
Trust The Science? CDC Counts People Dying Within 14 Days Of Jab As “Unvaccinated” 8.25.21
Will churches soon require vaccine passports? August 24, 2021
In Macron’s France, Supermarkets Have Now Hired Bouncers To Prevent The Unvaccinated From Buying Food, Water And Medical Supplies - August 23, 2021
Hawaii union members hold news conference discuss legal action against COVID vaccine mandate
Was COVID Vaccine the Cause of Doctor’s Death?

Kids Dead After Jab in Australia, Eye-Popping Interview with Aussie Veteran - Aug 23, 2021
VAXXED Patients' Blood Examined, Horrific Findings Revealed by German Physicians! 469,127 Views - Aug 18, 2021
Australia: The People Are Out in Full Force & Agents of the State Have Pulled Their Mask Off to Show Who They Really Are
Dr Merritt, former US Navy surgeon, warns of catastrophic vaccine risk to active duty soldiers

Health authorities are pushing booster shot extermination plans to hurry, kill the masses before they fully awaken to the scam
US Investigates Moderna Jab After Data Show 2.5x Higher Risk Of Heart Inflammation
20,595 DEAD 1.9 Million Injured (50% SERIOUS) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots
Report: Los Angeles to require vaccinations to buy groceries - August 13, 2021
More on COVID-19 "Vaccines" & another antidote/bullying by education & military 8.17.2021
Vaccine spike protein will unleash mass neurological damage oerwhelms world's medical systems

Vaxxed 2
How CDC Manipulated Data to Create ‘Pandemic of the Unvaxxed’ Narrative - August 11, 2021
Dr. Fleming Warns COVID-19 is an Engineered Bioweapon Colonizing the Body with Spike Protein

WAR ON KIDS! Vaxx Data LEAKED, Urgent WARNING Issued by Dr. Jane Ruby Aug 16, 2021
Navy Commander Warns of National Security Threat from Mandatory Vaccination August 15, 2021
CDC Publishes 'Green Zone' Concentration Camp Protocol, Preparing Masses Imprisonment 8.6.21
VAXXED Patients' Blood Examined, Horrific Findings Revealed by German Physicians!

Vaccine FAILURE! Dr. Peter McCullough Reveals Data, Damning to Efficacy Narrative - August 17, 2021
Prof granted vaccine exemption after 'natural immunity' lawsuit - August 18, 2021
Virus Taliban “Lock Down” Entire Country New Zealand Because One Person Tested ‘Positive’

Hospital removed sick patients from transplant wait list, they refused to get the COVID vaccine:
Tri-County Board of Health agrees on masks for children ages 2-11
US pharmacist arrested for selling vaccine cards on eBay - 17/08/2021
Alabama doctor tells his unvaccinated patients he won't see them any more Aug. 17, 2021
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tests positive for COVID-19 - August 17, 2021
Whistleblower: I've seen more people die from COVID-19 vaccine than virus - August 17, 2021
Whistleblower Digital Version - June 2021
BOMBSHELL: DARPA was secretly developing the mRNA vaccine years ago through Moderna
Study confirms vaxxers will face catastrophic Antibody Dependent Enhancement injuries, deaths

Here's how to tell employer you can't take a COVID shot
Neurologist explains why unvaccinated previously infected people are less likely to spread COVID than never-infected vaccinated people
What COVID Injections Do To Your BLOOD! Doctor Releases Horrific Findings! August 13, 2021
CDC Blocks Testimony of Vaccine Whistleblower says World Mercury Project R.F. Kennedy, Jr.
'It's OFFICIAL! We're At WAR! Dr Tenpenny, Dr McCullough & Dr Palevsky DROP BOMBS On The COVID LIE!
Dr. Destroys the Entire COVID Narrative - August 9, 2021
NSW Australia Tightens It's Tyrannical Grip, & It's Coming To All Of Us - 3,551 views - 8.14.21
N S W or N W O ? ( part 2 ) - 11,474 views - Aug 15, 2021

Death for Profit = Premeditated Murder – The Jab Is an Act of Terrorism - 5,599 views
Gov. Jared Polis wants to pay Colorado students to get regularly tested for COVID-19
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: 8 Ways the mRNA COVID Vaccine Can Kill You (Video)
Hear It From Their Lips: Well-Known Doctors’ Warning Us On Video

Texas Gov. Abbott says those who defy order barring mask mandates will ‘be taken to court’
Wear masks and get the vaccine, say top LDS leaders, even as more wards return to face coverings
HHS Becomes Third Federal Agency To Mandate Covid Vaccines For Over 25,000 Workers
470544Report: ‘Confidential’ Documents Reveal Pfizer Does Not Mandate Vaccines for Employees
Fully vaccinated man dies of COVID-19, daughter says he was cautious Aug. 11, 2021
‘He avoided double death?’ Man killed by Covid was spared ‘worse condition’
"Wakeup Call": Pfizer Vax Only 42% Effective Against Infection In July
CDC creating secret national database of households with unvaccinated children… the recording
Fully vaccinated Southwest flight attendant dies from COVID-19 - Aug 15, 2021
Aug. 13th, 2021 - CDC creating secret national database of households with unvaccinated children

CDC Recommends 3rd COVID-19 Vaccine Dose for Immunocompromised - August 13, 2021
The Atlantic calls for all unvaccinated people to be added to federal no-fly list, like terrorists

Interactive map for Texas reveals how vaccinated your neighborhood is - Aug 12, 2021
318. Biden Calls Unvaccinated Americans STUPID! - July 28th, 2021
Supreme Court justice won't block college vaccine mandate - 12 Aug 2021
CDC's advisory committee votes unanimously to recommend a third dose of COVID-19 vaccines for immunocompromised Americans 8.13.2021
Dr. Richard Fleming with Mike Adams: 'The vaccine is the bioweapon' - 32920 views - 8.13.2021
Biden Will Order All Military Vaccinated by September 15 - August 9, 2021
W.H.O. Concedes the Covid Virus Is Just Like the Common Flu! 500,000 Americans Dead From Vaccine!

COVID-19 Hoax Is Greatest Theatrical Event In History - 259,767 views - Aug 9, 2021
MSNBC Host: It Was OK To Be An Anti-Vaxxer When Trump Was President - Aug 10th 2021
CDC COVID Document Discussed Relocating “High Risk” Individuals to “Camps” - August 10th 2021
Shots everywhere: Pentagon to require COVID-19 vaccine for all U.S. troops - August 9, 2021
Restrictions On Unvaxxed See Explosion Of Fake Vaccination Cards In US & EU

Bosses battle over rights and wrongs of ‘no jab, no job’
25K fully vaccinated people statewide have tested positive for COVID-19, DeSantis says - 8.03.21
20 Year Old Pre-Med Student Hadley Huffman Dies Suddenly - July 16, 2021
Actor Mike Mitchell Dies of Heart Attack 7 Days After Pfizer COVID Vaccine Booster - 7.31.21
San Francisco sheriff’s deputies threaten to quit over COVID-19 vaccine mandate - Aug 6, 2021
Dr Greer Exposes the ‘Cosmic Hoax’ - 5,798 views - August 3, 2021
If Spike Protein Facilitates Entry Of A Gain-Of-Function Coronavirus Into Cells, Then Why Are We Coerced To Submit To Spike Protein-Generating Vaccines? July 31, 2021
Proof of Vaccination Now Required for Indoor Activities - August 3, 2021
CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated

BRANDED like cattle: In one California city, “fully vaccinated” people now have to wear a visible sticker if they decide to avoid wearing a mask - August 3, 2021
The coming Delta lockdown is DESIGNED to invoke nationwide protests.- 74500 views - 8.3.21
ALBERTA IN PROCESS OF DOWNGRADING - Aug 6, 2021 Friday Church News - Way of life
Will Most Of The U.S. Be Locked Down For The Rest Of 2021? - August 02, 2021
Rand Paul Slams ‘Dangerous, Obscene Authoritarians’ Pushing No-Fly Lists For The Unvaccinated

Governments hold citizens HOSTAGE, demand vaccine QUOTAS before restoring “freedom”
Dr. Judy Mikovits – Fauci’s C-19 Crimes Aren’t His First ‘Plandemic’
Dr. Peter McCullough: COVID Vaccine Has Likely Killed 45,000 and Injured Half a Million
Globalist extermination window to wipe out humanity is rapidly closing - 86820 views
Natural News Articles About Covid
Video Of Australian Police Tackling Citizens And Reportedly Force Vaxing Them - 8-2-21
18,928 DEAD, 1.8 Million Injured (50% SERIOUS) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots

Attorney Files Lawsuit Against CDC Based on “Sworn Declaration” from Whistleblower Claiming 45,000 Deaths are Reported to VAERS
Utah Governor says he won’t be wearing a mask anymore and says he is “done with it” - Aug 5, 2021
Demonstration of the self-assembly of poisonous graphene nanoparticles in the blood and cells of people vaccinated by Pfizer - 7.29.2021
Jewish rabbis compare Covid19 child vaccination to Moloch / Baal victims - July 8, 2021
Pfizer test protocol foresees the risk of shedding / transmission of the vascular damaging spike protein from "Covid19" vaccinated to non-vaccinated persons.
City of London's Bank Elite and EU Invest in Toxic Graphene Nanoparticle Brain Therapy (and Manipulation) 7.21.2021
Detoxing from Vaccines - 104,141 views - Jun 24, 2018

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