File # 31- Weather - October 31, 2023
File # 31 - Weather - October 31, 2023
Hurricane Otis live updates: 'Catastrophic' Category 5 storm cuts off Acapulco - 10.25.23
From tropical storm to Category 5 hurricane in 12 hours: Otis makes landfall and sets a record
Earthquake hits Northern California -WATCH LIVE - 24k views 10.18.23
Live Earthquake Information - RaspberryShake 4D Seismograph RD29A - Chino Hills, Southern California - 10.16.23
Afghanistan Hit By 3rd Earthquake In A Week - 10.15.23
"We have several families that have experienced a catastrophic property loss and our hearts go out to them this morning," one official said in the aftermath of severe weather. Oct 12, 2023
Two long-track tornadoes strike Tampa Bay, Florida - October 12, 2023
The ground disappears! M7.5 earthquake destroyed dozens of houses in Maluku, Indonesia - 19k views 10.12.23
Don't watch if you're nervous: Powerful earthquake in Philippines - 68K views 10.12.23
India Is Freezing! Blizzard Blast Buried Thousands of Houses In Kashmir, 3 Missing - 10.10.23
Double trouble: Tropical Storm Lidia and Tropical Storm Max to threaten Mexico - Oct 7, 2023
Hawaii's rumbling Kilauea volcano produces over 320 earthquakes in 24 hours, officials say
'2,000 Killed In Afghanistan Earthquake' - October 8, 2023
More heavy rain is on the way to the Northeast on Saturday, threatening NYC flooding again

Twin M6.7 earthquakes hit Papua New Guinea - October 7, 2023
Wildfire smoke from Canada invades East Coast as far south as Florida
Typhoon Koinu Could Slam Straight Into Nuclear Power Plant - 10/4/23
Over 100 People dead And At Least 500 Injured In Afghanistan After Two 6.3 Magnitude Earthquakes - 10.7.23
Tropical Storm Rina Forms in the Atlantic Ocean, Trailing Tropical Storm Philippe - September 28, 2023
Storm Agnes pummeled Ireland and the UK as a bomb cyclone - Sep 28, 2023

NYC records wettest day EVER as storm dumps eight inches of rain - 9.30.23
Solar Flare Hits Earth - 9.28.23
Brazil Battered! Super Cyclone, Hail, Storm Surge Blow Up Thousands of Houses, Cars - 22,570 views 9.27.23
2 minutes ago! Terrifying events have engulfed the coast of New Jersey! Footage shocked the world! - 12,053 views 9.26.23
Texas Battered! Super Hail Storm Blows Up Thousands Homes, Cars in Austin Mercilessly - 66,348 vieews 9.25.23
Storm Daniel's extreme rainfall in Central Greece marked as a 1-in-200+ year event - September 21, 2023
In the Tropics: Tropical Storm Ophelia moves through eastern North Carolina toward Virginia - 4,910 views 9.23.23
Death Valley Closed for Weeks, Crack in Yosemite, Hiker Found by Webcam, and More - 485k views 9.14.23
2 minutes ago! Terrible events have engulfed Germany! The whole world is shocked by this news! - 36k views 9.22.23
Strong earthquake rocks New Zealand's South Island - Magnitude 6.0 - 19 Sept. 2023
Canada, US Battered! Hurricane Lee, Storm Surge, Strong Winds Bombard Mercilessly - 47,133 views 9.17.2023
Death toll hits 11,300 in Libyan city destroyed by floods - September 14, 2023

South Africa Battered! Huge Wave Explosions and Storm Surge Bombard Gordon's Bay - 12,530 views 9.16.2023
Canada Battered! Hurricane Lee, Storm Surge, Strong Winds Bombard Nova Scotia - 192,689 views 9.16.23
Libya floods destroy quarter of Derna city; death toll rises to 5,300 - September 11, 2023
Footage of destruction in China: Half of China is underwater - 73,629 views Sep 11, 2023
Dozens of houses went unde rwater! Heavy rains and flooding in Libya - Sep 11, 2023
Rocks from the sky or giant hail hit Australia! Weather today. - 3,717 views 9.10.23

Crazy flooding in Pennsylvania, USA. Clarks Summit turns into a river - 1,547 views 9.10.23
Libya now! Half of the country went under water! 700,000 people lost their homes! - 5,294 views 9.10.23
Japan Battered! Massive Flooding Blow up and Submerged Thousands Of Houses, 3 Die - 1,809 views 9.10.23
Not climate change: Arson confirmed as cause of state's largest-ever blaze - September 3, 2023
Morocco earthquake death toll climbs to over 1,000 as tourists rush to donate blood and rescuers trawl through rubble in Marrakesh for survivors after massive 7.2 magnitude quake - 8 September 2023
Deadly storm sweeps across Greece killing six - Sept 7, 2023
NYC and Boston brace for Hurricane Lee as forecast models show Category 5 storm could slam into the East Coast with 160mph winds and enormous storm surges - 9.8.23
A 100-year-old oak tree falls on the Florida governor's mansion, Casey DeSantis says - Aug 30, 2023
05/09:Scary Thunderstorms, Floods, Fire, Typhoon wreaked havoc in China |
Horrific Natural Disasters - River overflow cause China become a vast ocean! - 387,096 views 9.4.2023
Footage of destruction in Taiwan! Winds of 205 km/h, Super Typhoon Haikui in Taitung - 707,079 views 9.4.23

The worst flooding in Turkey: Bridges are carried away by the unstoppable current in Kastamonu - 1,8645 views Sept 1, 2023
China, Hong Kong Battered! Super Typhoon Saola, Storm Surge Bombards Without Mercy - 232,044 views Sept 1, 2023

Nature brings China to its knees! Cities go underwater, the strongest flood in Beijing - 147,636 views Aug 28, 2023
Tropical Storm Idalia Descends on North Carolina After Pounding Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina - Aug 31, 2023

File # 31 - Weather - August 31, 2023
Powerful storm destroys Michigan, United States..!! 600,000 without power, trees down - 18,642 views Aug 26, 2023
China become a vast ocean! Dyke breach along the China River caused severe flooding in Yuncheng - 11,783 views Aug 26, 2023
Brazil now! The storm in Sao Paulo became the biggest in 100 years! All cities are closed! - 6,015 views Aug 26, 2023
Stones fell from the sky on Canada! Historic hail storm in Winnipeg, Manitoba - 32,155 views Aug 26, 2023
Greece Arrests 79 Arson Suspects Behind Recent Wildfires: 'Arsonist Scum' - August 26, 2023
California Faces Its 2nd-Biggest Fire This Year-Forcing Evacuations - August 24, 2023
The power of wind brings people in Canada to their knees! Worst storm in Ontario - 19,917 views Aug 25, 2023
In the past month, NINE recycling plants across the U.S. have burned down: What's going on? - 08/22/2023
Major wildfires sweeping through forests in Greece force evacuations - August 24, 2023

The worst flood sweeps cars away and fills the desert with rivers in Rustaq, Oman - 4,550 views Aug 24, 2023
Horrible scene from Saudi Arabia: Strong winds, heavy rains and floods of Mecca - 13,830 views Aug 24, 2023
Kaaba in ruins! Storm in Makkah! The wind blows people off their feet! Saudi Arabia is closing down! - 32,269 views Aug 23, 2023
Turkey Covered in Flames! Wildfire destroys all life in Çanakkale, Türkiye - 6,576 views Aug 23, 2023
Tropical Storm Hilary soaks from coast to desert as it batters Nevada with 25 million people under flood warnings - 8.21.23
APOCALYPTIC WILDFIRE IN CANADA! (2023) - 75,851 views Aug 18, 2023
California hit by earthquake as ex-hurricane Hilary looms - 89,168 views Aug 20, 2023
Baja California in Ruins! Hurricane Hilary Destroys Mexico and moves to USA - 200,557 views Aug 20, 2023
Hurricane Hilary floods Mexico killing one as it barrels towards California, with Palm Springs residents scrambling for SANDBAGS
Yes, this is real. No, it's not normal. Yes, you should be worried.
Snow Apocalypse in Germany! Streets are covered with Ice, hail storm in Reutlingen - 257,116 views Aug 6, 2023

Small Tornado on a Parking Lot
Against Raging Floodwaters, Kentucky Man Races to Neighbors' Rescue - 8.18.23
At least 60 fatalities, 37 missing as severe floods continue affecting China - August 9, 2023
Over a million evacuate as Tropical Cyclone "Khanun" threatens South Korea post havoc in Okinawa - August 9, 2023
Norway considers blowing up dam after days of heavy rain, flooding - Aug 9, 2023
'Extreme' marine heatwave reaches Oregon, Washington coast - Aug 8, 2023
'Glacial outburst flood' sweeps away homes in Alaska capital - 8.9.23

Freak August hailstorm causes chaos as snowplows take to streets in summer - August 8, 2023
U.S Capital Underwater || Flash Floods & Storms In Washington D.C - 168,073 views Aug 15, 2023
NC power outages: Massive storms leave more than 100K homes in Triangle area without electricity - 15 August 2023
I live on Maui, the media is lying
It's winter in Argentina - and it's the hottest August in 117 years of records - Aug. 2, 2023
As extreme heat hits South Korea and Japan, death toll rises sharply
Biblical flooding in Beijing after heaviest rain in 140 years - Jul 31, 2023
Death toll in Maui at 67, as Hawaii officials warn final count will take time - 8.11.23
Historic Hawaiian Town in Ruins as Fires Bring Death and Destruction to Maui - Aug 10, 2023
Hawaii wildfires: Maui hospitals 'overwhelmed' and 911 services are disconnected due to downed cell towers - 9 August 2023

Hawaii wildfires: 911 services disconnected in Maui due to downed cell towers as flames destroy homes in Lahaina and people jump into water to escape
Rescuers recover 27 bodies in India landslide, many still missing - July 23, 2023
2 dead, 1.1 million without power after eastern US storm - 08/08/23

July is confirmed as the hottest month EVER recorded on Earth as scientists warn of 'dire consequences for the planet' - 8.8.23
US weather watch: Severe thunderstorms rock East Coast putting 120 million at risk while excessive heat warning remain in effect for California, Arizona and American South - 7 Aug 2023
Phoenix just posted the hottest month ever observed in a U.S. city - August 1, 2023
California wildfire sends Joshua trees up in flames as blaze spreads to over 82,000 acres in the Mojave Desert and Nevada

File # 31 - Weather - July 31, 2023
The end of the world was caught on camera in Indonesia today? Shocking footage
Rare, powerful thunderstorm in Croatia, likened to Texas-style weather, claims four lives, leaves over 2 000 injured - July 21, 2023
Devastating mudflow in Quetame leaves 20 dead and 9 missing, Colombia - Thursday, July 20, 2023
FLOOD WARNING ISSUED: Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville HIGH WATER IN THE SMOKIES 7/20/2023
Kentucky Underwater - Record-Shattering 11.28 Inches of Rain in One Day! - 13,617 views Jul 20, 2023
370 000 urged to evacuate as heavy rains hit western Japan - July 9, 2023
Delhi experiences highest July rainfall since 1982, floods and landslides claim 15 lives across India - July 9, 2023
Greek Wildfires displace hundreds as Heat waves peak (photos) - July 18, 2023
The heat index reached 152 degrees in the Middle East - nearly at the limit for human survival - July 18, 2023

Europe is burning: Wildfires engulf La Palma and Turkey as thousands are forced to evacuate their homes while 'heat storm' red alert is issued in Italy as southern Europe continues to bake amid fears of record-breaking heat - 16 July 2023
More Than 100 Million Americans Under Heatwave Alerts as Scorching Weather Set to Intensify - July 13, 2023
Fires, floods, heatwaves. Is the extreme weather from coast to coast 'a new abnormal'? - July 12, 2023
Still reeling from catastrophic flooding that left at least 1 dead, Vermont braces for another round of rain - July 13, 2023
India's tomato prices surge over 300%, sparking theft and turmoil - July 12, 2023
Tornado swarm strikes Chicago area, forcing hundreds of flight cancellations at O'Hare - Jul 13, 2023
Tuesday breaks global record for hottest day ever, set a day earlier July 5, 2023
Nearly 62,000 people died from record-breaking heat in Europe last summer. It's a lesson for the US, too - Jul 10, 2023

Florida ocean temperatures at 'downright shocking' levels - Jul 10, 2023
The End of the World was caught on camera in China today. Shocking footage - 7.13.23

Flash Flood Emergency in New York! Crazy Flooding hit Hudson Valley, NY, US - 11,807 views Jul 10, 2023
At least one person is killed by deadly flash flooding across the Northeast as water overwhelms homes in New York and engulfs West Point military base 9 July, 2023
Netherlands Record-Breaking Storm Kills, Injures Several - July 5, 2023
Arizona wildfire forces more than 1,000 to evacuate from Scottsdale area - June 29, 2023

2,000 hit by heat stress during Hajj, as at least 230 die from health complications - 6.29.23
Violent Tornado Hits Homes Near Didsbury, Alberta - July 1, 2023

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