File # 31- Weather - January 31, 2024
File # 31 - Weather - January 31 . 2024
Europe experiences hottest January day on record with 30.7 °C (87.3 °F) in Gavarda - January 25, 2024
Why thick fog is blanketing a record stretch of the U.S. - 1.25.24
A month's worth of rain in 3 days triggers dangerous flash flooding in Texas and Louisiana - January 25, 2024
At least 75 dead, 27 of them in Tennessee, as early winter storms continue to pummel the U.S. 1.22.24
Dangerous ICE STORM Is Coming... 66K views 1.23.24

Storm Isha hits the UK and northern Europe: wind gusts of 150-170 km/h, 1 casualty, flash floods and heavy snow in Scandinavia
Landslide in China buries 47 people in freezing temperatures and snow. Two survivors are found
Powerful 7.1 Earthquake Hits China-Kyrgyzstan Border, Several Injured (8 after shocks)
The epicentre of the earthquake was in the mountainous border area of Wushi County in northwest China's Xinjiang region. - 1.23.24
Massive solar storm expected to strike Earth this week - January 22, 2024
Very bright fireball over Spain and Portugal - January 22, 2024
Flooding and ice impact millions - 5,521 views 1.22.24
Flash floods inundate homes and overturn cars in San Diego - 2,426 views 1.22.24
Storm Isha hits Britain, Ireland: Over 100 flights cancelled at Dublin airport - 22 Jan 2024,
Death toll tops 60 across U.S. as arctic blast leaves dangerous icy conditions - 1.20.24

Major thaw is coming to most of the US after arctic blast left 80 dead in frigid temps but new threat of freezing rain and flooding leave 120million at risk - 1.21.24
1/20/2024 -- Live Earthquake Update Dutch Sinse
Major coastal changes after M7.6 earthquake in Japan left 15 ports unusable, 58 damaged - January 17, 2024

Video: Storm Henk hits Britain, blocking roads, bridges and rail lines in south. Homes hit by power cuts and trees brought down, while Exeter sees highest wind speeds in 30 years - 1.2.24
More than 100 million Americans are under winter weather warnings as deadly artic blast that's killed 47 people moves across the Northeast - bringing travel chaos with over 2,000 flights canceled or delayed - 1.19.24
East Midlands flooding: Impact 'will be felt for many months' - 7th January 2024,
Flooding continues across England - in pictures - 6 Jan 2024
Another big wave event slams San Diego coast - January 4, 2024
Severe floods and landslides hit Rio de Janeiro, claiming 11 lives, Brazil - Monday, January 15, 2024
Live Storm Chaser - Blizzard In Buffalo - Whiteout Conditions Likely - 4,610 views 1.14.24
Oklahoma Earthquakes continuing. Saturday Earthquake update. - 4,870 views 1/13/2024
Canada is Freezing! Snow Storm in Ontario and Blizzard in Toronto - 16,932 views 1.13.24
Maine under WATER Again ! Huge waves and flooding hit maine , new hampshire , USA. - 7,177 views 1.13.24
2 minutes ago in Chicago, USA! Planes and airports buried in ice, snowstorm in Illinois - 64,808 views 1.13.24
Record rainfall leads to widespread flooding, evacuations in Victoria, Australia - January 8, 2024

Rare tornado hits Pyrgos, Greece - January 8, 2024
Heavy to record-breaking snowfall hitting Japan, including earthquake-hit Ishikawa Prefecture - January 8, 2024
M 6.7 - 100 km SE of Sarangani, Philippines - 1.8.24
242,101,157 lightning bolts spotted over US in 2023 with wind farms, Miami targets
Tornado hits Sint-Katelijne-Waver in Belgium, causing severe damage to local growers - January 5, 2024
California Avalanche | 1 dead, 3 escaped - January 10 update at 4 p.m. - 34,083 views 1.10.24
U.S. Winter Storm LIVE - Northeastern Us Braces For Winter Storm - 1.10.24
Maine under WATER ! Huge waves and flooding hit maine coastal , USA - 72,331 views 1.10.24
Panama City Beach Storm Damage Aftermath - 51,536 views 1.9.2024
California Winter Storm | Major impact storm hitting the Sierra - 2,687 views 1.9.24
Washington storms: High winds in the sound, heavy snowfall in mountain passes - 14,832 views 1.9.24
Monster storm system sparks deadly tornado outbreak in Gulf Coast and Southeast - 1.9.24

Extreme weather to hit 200 MILLION Americans today - with tornadoes and power outages expected across the East Coast - as forecasters warn of coastal flooding in the Northeast comparable to blizzard of 1996 - 1.9.24
Odd Readings on Yellowstone Graphs. 4.1 Earthquake Australia SAT night 1/6/2024 - 12,462 views 1.7.24
Europe battles severe floods as residents evacuate homes in France, Germany - 1.3.24

Tsunami flooded over 100 ha (247 acres) in Ishikawa following M7.6 quake, Japan - January 4, 2024
East Coast braces for Northeast snowstorm with blizzard conditions as eight to 12 inches of snow looms over major cities - and THREE more storms are on the way - 1.6.24
BREAKING: See Tsunami After 7.6 Earthquake Hits Japan - Global Aftershocks (New Years Day 2024) - 9,197 views 1.1.24
'Unprecedented' flooding in a Eurostar tunnel cancels trains between Paris and London - 12.30.23
10 Earthquakes in Japan beginning with 7.5 magnitude - 5.0 magnitude on one day
Rude awakening: 4.1-magnitude earthquake strikes Los Angeles on New Year's Day - 1.1.23
Japan braces for tsunami waves after powerful earthquake - 327,613 views 1.1.24
Fire Burns In Wajima City, Japan, After Earthquakes - 11,218 views 1.1.24
Japan Earthquake Tsunami News LIVE: Massive earthquake strikes Japan, triggering tsunami 14,620 views 1.1.24
California Floods LIVE - Monster Waves And Rain Forecast For California Coast - 177,224 views 12.31.23
File # 31 - Weather - December 31 . 2023
Heart-stopping moment huge rogue wave wipes out sightseers in California leaving eight in hospital - as West Coast is pounded by devastating storms... with worse yet to come - 12.29.23
Massive storm surge pounds California coastline with waves of up to 33-FEET, sparking evacuations in Bay Area - as seawall breach floods homes and cars in Ventura - 12.28.23
Strong earthquake in northwest China that killed at least 148 causes economic losses worth millions - 12.23.23
After warmest Christmas Eve on record, rain, snow move into Minnesota - 12.24.23
A "Textbook" Sudden Stratospheric Warming Event Appears To Be Unfolding - Dec 24, 2023
Flash Floods in Southern California - 12.22.23

Track the rain: Here's when & where heaviest rain will hit Southern California
China Earthquake LIVE updates: Over 100 dead, dozens injured after Earthquake with magnitude 6.2 - 12.18.23
After Weeks of Warnings, Iceland Volcano Erupts in Plumes of Fire
Relentless rain smashes records in Central Florida. Here are the numbers - 12.17.23
At least 13 killed as fierce winds hit Argentina - December 17, 2023
Rivers continue to rise, widespread power outages remain after deadly East Coast storm wallops Northeast
Iceland Volcano Erupts, Spewing Lava After Prolonged Seismic Activity. - 12.19.23
In Photos: Emergency in China as temperatures hit lowest levels ever - Dec 17, 2023
Charleston swamped by historic coastal flooding Sunday while Flash Flood Emergency issued near Myrtle Beach
Watch: Powerful Northeast storm knocks out power to tens of thousands and forces water rescues - 12.18.23

Experts fear the worst. Town lifted 13ft already - 12,439 views 12.15.23
Somalia flood crisis update: 118 dead, 2.48 million affected, receding waters amid ongoing humanitarian efforts
Severe floods hit Bolivia, leaving at least 8 people dead - December 12, 2023
Terrible Destruction in USA! Multiple Tornadoes hits Nashville and Clarksville, Tennessee - 32498 views
An atmospheric river is soaking the Pacific Northwest with record-breaking rain - December 6, 2023
M 5.4 - 52 km ENE of Aras-asan, Philippines (many continue for days) 12.7.23
Swathes of Siberia hit minus 72 Fahrenheit - December 5, 2023
Moscow Shatters Daily Record Snowfall - Dec. 5, 2023
Deadly flooding strikes Northwest as 'Pineapple Express' storm sends rivers raging in Washington, Oregon

Storm drops a foot of snow in parts of New England, closing schools, leaving 40K without power - 12.4,23
Strong atmospheric river to slam Northwest with over a half foot of rain, creating a significant flood threat
Destructive flash flood near Lake Toba in Indonesia buries homes, claims one life and leaves 11 missing
Severe floods and landslides hit Tanzania's Hanang district, burying 100 homes and claiming at least 68 lives
Record rainfall in Chennai as Michaung intensifies into severe cyclonic storm, causes major disruptions

7.6 earthquake that sparked a tsunami warning leaves 1 dead amid widespread panic in Philippines - 12.4.23
Earth's magnetic field could completely flip soon - Physicist explains what that means - December 1, 2023

20 Earthquakes in the Philippines, ramging from 6.9 - 5.0 magnitude - 12.3.2023
Giant Hailstorm! Kaaba is destroyed! The holy city is sinking! 12.8.23
Drought emergency declared by 23 countries in 2022-23, shows global drought map - 12.1.23
UK cold weather: Europe gripped by once-in-a-decade snow event as freeze heads to Britain - Dec 2, 2023
Series of earthquakes, largest a 4.8 magnitude, hit east of San Diego County - December 1, 2023
23 Feared Dead As Indonesian Volcano Erupts - December 5, 2023
Catastrophic Storms in India Result in 27 Deaths
The Kabaa Is Ruined With Hailstorms And TERRIFIES Muslims. - 121,572 views 12.6.23
Over 700,000 People Homeless, at Least 96 Dead in Floods
Powerful Earthquake Hit Philippines; Tsunami Warnings Impacting Asia, Christians Urging Prayers - 12.2.23
US: 11 States Under Winter Storm Warnings - 12.4.23
Australia now! Storm with high winds of 198 km/h swept away cars and houses in New South Wales - 394,164 v's

File # 31 - Weather - November 30, 2023
El Niño Is About To Kick In… - 342,462 views 11.27.23
Brazil has recorded its hottest ever temperature - 44.8C (112.6F) - as parts of the country endure a stifling heatwave.
Severe storms hit Turkey, leaving 9 dead and 11 missing from sunken cargo ship - 11.20.23
Torrential rains kill at least 21 in Dominican Republic - 11.20.23
Watch: Tornado touches down in Arizona mountains Sunday - 11.21.23
Turkey, Bulgaria Storm and Tsunami Kills Many - November 23, 2023
Natural Disasters Today - Flood in Mecca, Earthquake in Turkey, Snowfall in Europe

Severe storms, snow threaten Thanksgiving travel - 11/21/23
Death Toll Rises To At Least 130 In Kenya, Somalia And Ethiopia Floods - 11.18.23
Iceland Town Evacuated Amid Warnings Of Volcanic Eruptions - 11.18.23
Florida slammed by tropical storm-like conditions, with flooding rains, gusty winds - 11..15.2023
Saudi Arabia freezes! The desert sands, the streets and the people are battered. world has
changed - 56,595 views 11.14.23
The Holy City of Mecca in Saudi Arabia is flooding. Heavy rains and winds take over - 782K views
The sun disappeared in Turkey, disaster in Istanbul: storm, hail, wind 174 km/h - 107,345 views
Massive Wildfires Burn Eastern Kentucky! - 12K views 11.9.23
Etna volcano - eruption update - Nov 13, 2023
160 Earthquakes in the last 72 hours (Global) - 11.12.23
Flooding in Somalia displaces 500,000 people - 11.11.23
10 Freeway shut down in downtown L.A. due to massive storage fire - 142K views 11.11.2023

Magma Close to Surface in Iceland: Eruption Within Hours Or Days: A Geologic
Review - 234,358 views 11.11.23
Anchorage to record homeless death total as major winter storm drops more than 2 feet of snow
23,000 Earthquakes in Just Weeks Raise Fears of Volcanic Eruption. 11.10.23
Multiple wildfires fueled by drought rage from Texas to North Carolina -11.8.23
100 cruise passengers injured as ship lurches to a halt in storm - November 8, 2023
5.3-magnitude earthquake hits western Texas - 11.8.23

Global SAR arc outbreak: Geomagnetic storm leads to rare SAR arc sightings across
the globe - November 8, 2023
Sky Watchers Around the World Report Unusual Phenomenon During Recent Colorful Aurora Borealis Display

Heaven's punishment hit Saudi Arabia! The worst flood and storms in Mecca - 424k views 11.7.23
'99% Scientific Consensus' on Climate Change Exposed as Hoax - November 9, 2023
'Super fog' leads to multiple crashes again in New Orleans - 11.7.23
More Tremors to Hit Nepal? Scientists Warn of Earthquakes of Magnitude 8.0 or Higher in the Region
Large tornado rips through Lavovo, Bulgaria, damaging over 150 homes - November 6, 2023
Under a Blood-Red Sky: Geomagnetic Storm Causes Intense Auroras in North America and European Regions - Sky Explodes in Crimson over Russia and Ukraine - Nov. 5, 2023
Over 150 Dead In Nepal Quake (Update) - November 4, 2023
More Than Dozen Killed as Europe Faces Storm (Worthy News Radio) - November 4, 2023

At Least 157 Dead, 180 Injured In Nepal Earthquake, Death Toll Expected To Rise - Nov 4, 2023
Thousands evacuate as wildfire burns in Southern California - 108,281 views 10.31.23

File # 31 - Weather - October 31, 2023
Hurricane Otis live updates: 'Catastrophic' Category 5 storm cuts off Acapulco - 10.25.23
From tropical storm to Category 5 hurricane in 12 hours: Otis makes landfall and sets a record
Earthquake hits Northern California -WATCH LIVE - 24k views 10.18.23
Live Earthquake Information - RaspberryShake 4D Seismograph RD29A - Chino Hills, Southern California - 10.16.23
Afghanistan Hit By 3rd Earthquake In A Week - 10.15.23
"We have several families that have experienced a catastrophic property loss and our hearts go out to them this morning," one official said in the aftermath of severe weather. Oct 12, 2023
Two long-track tornadoes strike Tampa Bay, Florida - October 12, 2023
The ground disappears! M7.5 earthquake destroyed dozens of houses in Maluku, Indonesia - 19k views 10.12.23
Don't watch if you're nervous: Powerful earthquake in Philippines - 68K views 10.12.23
India Is Freezing! Blizzard Blast Buried Thousands of Houses In Kashmir, 3 Missing - 10.10.23
Double trouble: Tropical Storm Lidia and Tropical Storm Max to threaten Mexico - Oct 7, 2023
Hawaii's rumbling Kilauea volcano produces over 320 earthquakes in 24 hours, officials say
'2,000 Killed In Afghanistan Earthquake' - October 8, 2023
More heavy rain is on the way to the Northeast on Saturday, threatening NYC flooding again

Twin M6.7 earthquakes hit Papua New Guinea - October 7, 2023
Wildfire smoke from Canada invades East Coast as far south as Florida
Typhoon Koinu Could Slam Straight Into Nuclear Power Plant - 10/4/23
Over 100 People dead And At Least 500 Injured In Afghanistan After Two 6.3 Magnitude Earthquakes - 10.7.23
Tropical Storm Rina Forms in the Atlantic Ocean, Trailing Tropical Storm Philippe - September 28, 2023
Storm Agnes pummeled Ireland and the UK as a bomb cyclone - Sep 28, 2023

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