File # 31- Weather - April 31,2024
File # 31 - Weather - April 30,, 2024
WATCH: Tornadoes tear across America's heartland, leaving catastrophic destruction in multiple states
There were at least 59 reported tornadoes across Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa - April 26, 2024

DANGER! TRUMPETS of God have sounded in FRANCE: Destructive Floods Ravage EUROPE I Is the END HERE?
7,193 views 4.26.24

Taiwan Hit By Dozens of Earthquakes; Strongest Reaching 6.3 Magnitude 593 views 4.24.24
China Battles Intense Flood Threat as Landslides Hit Guangdong Province - April 23, 2024
China NOW! Shocking footage not for the faint-hearted. The whole world is shocked! - 10,041 views 4.21.24

Missouri USA disappeared in 2 minutes! Large hail and tornado smash St. Louis, MO - 4.18.24
Dubai Rain LIVE Updates | Heavy Rain In Dubai Leads To Flood In The Desert City Of Dubai - 4.17.24
UAE government unit denies cloud seeding took place before Dubai floods - Wed, Apr 17 2024
6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Off Coast Of Southern Japan - 4.17.24
Pakistan NOW! Devastating Flood Claims Dozens of Lives - 29K views 4.16.24
Midwest Hit With Multiple Tornadoes During Severe Storms - 4.8K views 4.17.24
Severe floods leave 58 dead, thousands of households affected in Tanzania - April 16, 2024
Desert Metropolis Under Water: A Year's Worth of Rain Causes Massive Flooding in Dubai - Cloud Seeding Operation was Carried Out in the Last 24 Hours - Apr. 16, 2024

7 minutes ago in UAE! Strong winds, flash floods and hail occurred in a short time - 6,612 vieews 4.16.24
End Is Near? The Biggest Tragedy in Italy! The Whole World is Praying for the People! - 3.9 views 4.16.24
2 minutes ago in America! Record-breaking tornadoes devastated everything in many cities - 2,966 views 4.11.24
Disaster in England! The sea has come ashore, flooding houses and cars in Wirral - 10,021 views 4.11.24
Iraq's Worst Tragedy: Is this the Wrath of God? Is it a Sign from God? - 19,630 views 4.11.24

USA is under attack! Severe storm bring damaging winds and ice ball in Tennessee - 4,247 views 4.11.24
The UK is in chaos! Tsunami-like waves devoured cars and houses in Cornwall - 8,996 views 4.10.24
Russia flood: Thousands evacuated from homes as Ural river water levels continue to rise - 17,035 views 4.10.24
China NOW! Shocking footage not for the faint-hearted. The whole world is shocked! - 119,854 views 4.9.24
Geoengineering Test Quietly Launches Salt Crystals into Atmosphere - April 4, 2024
April 8, 2024 LIVE Texas Tornado/Severe Weather Coverage 2 - 4.8.24
Recent Earthquakes Near New Jersey, United States (13 quakes ) - 4.6.24
Ohio River crests at major flood status submerging towns in Appalachia - 4.6.24

Thousands Evacuated in Russia's Orsk as Floods Break Through Dam - 4.6.24
Flood waters peak in Pittsburgh as swollen Ohio River threatens towns in at least 5 states
In Pittsburgh, a river gauge near Point State Park reported the Ohio River crested at 28.37 feet on Thursday morning - just shy of major flood stage, which is considered 28.5 feet. - 4.5.24

Second earthquake rocks New Jersey at magnitude 4.0 - 4.5.24
Spring nor'easter slams Northeast with heavy snow, tropical-storm-force wind gusts - More than 600,000 power outages h 4.4.24
Earthquake rattles NYC area as tremors felt across East Coast (4.8 m) - 4.5.24
End of the World in Nebraska! Hurricane, Windstorm, Thunderstorm & Real Nature Sounds - 4.4.24
Deadly storms and tornadoes leave a path of destruction from Georgia to Illinois - April 4, 2024
13 Aftershocks beginning with M 5.7 - 42 km NE of Hualien City, Taiwan - 4.3.24
WW3 WATCH: China Sends 30 Planes and 9 Vessels Over and Around Earthquake-Stricken Taiwan, in a Major Show of Force - Escalation Came Right After Biden and XI-Jinping Call - Apr. 3, 2024
Taiwan Earthquake Live Updates: Buildings Collapse, People Rescued As Earthquake Rocks Taiwan - 4.3.24
India NOW! Devastating Storm: Chaos in Four States! Watch the Unbelievable Destruction - 9,386 views 4.2.24
BREAKING: Magnitude 7.4 Earthquake Strikes Taiwan - 4,199 views 4.2.24
LIVE: View from Japan's Okinawa after Taiwan earthquake, tsunami alerts - 6,406 vieews 4.2.24
Strongest Earthquake In Taiwan In 25 Years, Tsunami In Japan - 6,566 views 4.2.24
LIVE: City shot of Taipei after 7.2 magnitude earthquake hits - 4.2.2024
France is sinking right now. Terrible situation, evacuation is underway - 6,840 views 4.2.24
File # 31 - Weather - March 31, 2024
Everything was destroyed in 2 minutes! terrible event, flash floods in Saudi Arabia - 2,049 views 4.1.24
NYC hit with record rainfall as cars flooded, commuters trapped and airline havoc sees mass cancelations
Extremely heavy rains hit Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo, causing destructive floods and landslides, Brazil
Record snowfall in Minneapolis as massive storm brings up to 24 inches to Northern Plains
Intense rainfall and hailstorms hit Cuba, leaving 260 000 customers without power - March 25, 2024
High Winds Fuel Wildfires in Virginia and Other Mid-Atlantic States - March 21, 2024
Record rain shuts down Miami music festival, guests slide in mud and puddles - March 24, 2024
Earthquake Swarms Off Pacific Coast Raising New Concerns - 3.19.24
Trouble In The Middle East. WATCH The Weather. - 47K views 3.26.24
'Strong Earthquake Shakes Indonesia's East Java Province' - March 22, 2024
Scientists Warn Of Underwater Vulcano Eruption Along Washington's Coast - March 18, 2024
12 months of record ocean heat has scientists puzzled and concerned - 3.15.24
Tornadoes kill at least 3 in Ohio as storms leave trail of destruction in Indiana, Kentucky, Arkansas - 3.15.24
Tornadoes leave at least 3 dead in Ohio and flatten buildings in Indiana - March 14, 2024
Eye on the Sky - Del Bigtree & Jim Lee - 1,,234 views 3.15.24
Major winter storm hits Denver, Front Range foothills expect over 120 cm (4 feet) of snow, Colorado - 3.14.24
Baseball-sized 'gorilla hail' hits Kansas and Missouri during severe storms - March 14, 2024
A "Great Swarm" Of Earthquakes Off The Washington Coast Is Raising Concerns That The Cascadia Subduction Zone Could Blow
Santa Ana winds knock out power to thousands across Southern California - March 14, 2024
Drone video shows coastal New Hampshire town flooded by seawater for second time this year - 3.10.24

Weekend storm turns deadly in Northeast as tropical-storm-force wind gusts linger from Boston to New York -
2 minutes ago! Tragedy in Spain! The whole world is shocked! - 2,427 views 3.9.24
Apocalypse in Mecca now! The Kaaba is closed forever! A storm with a wind of 350 km/h! - 3.9.24
Record-breaking snowfall hits parts of Nebraska, shuts down large stretch of I-80 - March 8, 2024
Apocalypse in Türkiye! The 45 Biggest Storms of All Time! 55,000 people are in mourning! - 12,821 views 3.8.24
Fierce storm in California's Sierra likely to have 'long-lasting disruptions to daily life' - Feb 29, 2024
Biggest storm of winter to bury part of Sierra Nevada with over 100 inches of snow - Feb 29, 2024
Rare EF-2 tornado hits Grand Blanc, confirming unusual tornado pattern, Michigan - February 29, 2024

Widespread flooding and landslides hit Italy, deadly avalanche in Alto Adige - February 29, 2024
Wildfire Destroys 1 Million Acres, Killing Thousands of Livestock In Texas - 3.3.24
Over 2 million animals perish in Mongolia's harshest winter since 1975 - February 27, 2024
Large-scale Earthquakes caught on camera! Hot lava and ash all around! Shocking shots! - 13,720 views 3.5.24
Eye on Agriculture update on Texas Wildfire, (Kansas etc.) - 12,543 views 3.4.24
The wrath of nature is raging in Europe! Terrible flood in Caravaca, Murcia, Spain - 2,866 views 3.4.24
Apocalypse in the holy city of Mecca! 19 storms in one day blew the Kaaba into the sky! - 12,555 views 3.4.24
Texas Panhandle Fire Collection
Judgment day in Italy! More than 10,000 houses are under water! Shocking shots! - 4,086 views 3.4.24
The holy city of Mecca! Kaaba went under water! Large-scale apocalypse captured on camera! 1,119 views 3.1.24
File # 31 - Weather - February 19, 2024
Tragedy in Austria! The whole world is shocked! - 261,981 views 2.24.24
In China now! Over 100 cars destroyed in frozen street as ice rain hits multiple cities - 10,437 views
Half of the city went underwater! Flash flood sweeps cars away in Cordoba, Argentina - 8,046 views 2.24.24
People jumped from the roofs, powerful earthquake in taiwan - 1,295 views 2.24.24
Largest winter snowfall since 1975 and severe cold leave nearly 668 000 livestock dead in Mongolia - 2.22.24
Not for the faint of heart: houses are collapsing, powerful earthquake in Japan - 1,340 views 2.23.24
Terrible events have engulfed USA! The whole world is shocked by this news! - 1,783 views 2.23.24
A few minutes ago in France! Storm Louis damaged houses, wind speed 120 km/h - 11,133 views 2.22.24
Terrible events have engulfed Germany! - 3,985 views 2.22.24
Cars are underwater, the city is sinking! Flood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 1,921 vies 2.22.24
Roads are cracking, houses are crumbling: Powerful earthquake in Japan 18,118 views 2.22.24
A few minutes ago in Indonesia! Many houses were destroyed, tornado in Rancaekek - 1,597 views 2.22.24
China city burning for 4 days 4 nights! Unstoppable wildfires show fury in Guizhou - 42,032 views 2.22.24
100 storms in one day in the world! More than 1,000,000 people have been evacuated!
50 Storms in one day in the Kaaba! Mecca is in mourning! The end of the world was captured on camera - 5,472 v
'Zombie Fires' burning at an alarming rate in Canada - 2.16.24
Xinjiang records lowest temperature in history at -52.3 °C (-62.1 °F), China - February 20, 2024
Nearly the entire population of California is under flood alerts as rain drenches the state - February 19, 2024
Extreme cold event in BC causes near-total crop failure, Canada - February 18, 2024
Landslides block roads in Los Angeles area as California faces rare tornado threat during atmospheric river -
Planes top 800 mph as near-record winds sweep high over Mid-Atlantic - 2.18.24
Over 30 million people on flood watch in California
NYC hit by biggest snowstorm in years; over 1,000 flights canceled - Feb 13, 2024
Massive power outages hit Victoria during violent thunderstorms, Australia - Tuesday, February 13, 2024
Floods in northern Oman claim three lives, cause widespread evacuations - February 13, 2024
Intense hailstorms hit UAE after cloud seeding operations - February 12, 2024
In the past week, California and Nevada experienced 945 earthquakes in post-atmospheric river shaking phenomenon
Turkey went under WATER! Scary Flash Flooding hit Antalya, Natural Disasters Caught on Camera 2024
Death toll rises to 54 in southern Philippines landslide - 2.11.24
Emergency evacuation in Cayman Islands! Tsunami waves destroyed houses in one day - 78,873 views 2.11.24
Worst drought recorded hits Spain's Catalonia, sparking fears and ingenuity - 2.6.24
Heavy snowfall hits Tokyo, injuring more than 130 people and causing traffic chaos, Japan - February 6, 2024
Historic Storm Sends Debris Through LA's Hollywood Hills and Leaves 1.1 Million Without Power - 2.6.24
Nine Earthquakes 5+ magnetude Phillipines, Alsavador, Japan, Russia and Solomon Islands
Nova Scotia buried by 5 feet snow, and more could be on the way
Las Vegas breaks February daily rainfall record; more rain coming - 2.5.24
11 killed, 110 missing after massive landslide hits Davao de Oro, Philippines - February 7, 2024
A Hurricane-Force Wind Warning Is Issued As A Monster Storm Begins To Dump 8 Trillion Gallons Of Rain On California
300+ mudslides Crush California Mansions - 833 K views 2.6.24
The Sun's Poles are About to Reverse. Should You Be Worried? - 277K views 2.7.24
California floods: Homes destroyed and drivers stranded in 'apocalyptic' severe weather - 2.6.2024
At Least 112 Dead as Chile Faces Worst Disaster in Over a Decade - 62K views 2.5.24

Watch: 37 million at risk for flooding from blockbuster California rainstorm
Norway's most powerful storm in over 30 years rips roofs off houses, cuts power - 2.1.2024
You Might Want To Keep An Eye On The Very Alarming Natural Disasters That Are Happening In Hawaii And California
California StormHundreds of Thousands Without Power as Rain Moves South and Intensifies - 2.4.24
God sends rain and snow to Israel! What just happened in Israel shocked the world - 2.4.24
The Florida And Georgia Tornado Outbreak, As It Occurred Live - 2/4/2024
Hundreds of Earthquakes under Kilauea Volcano. Thursday night update - 4,738 1/31/2024
This Storm WILL Be A Complete Mess! - 17,704 views 2.1.24
File # 31 - Weather - January 31 . 2024
Europe experiences hottest January day on record with 30.7 °C (87.3 °F) in Gavarda - January 25, 2024
Why thick fog is blanketing a record stretch of the U.S. - 1.25.24
A month's worth of rain in 3 days triggers dangerous flash flooding in Texas and Louisiana - January 25, 2024
At least 75 dead, 27 of them in Tennessee, as early winter storms continue to pummel the U.S. 1.22.24
Dangerous ICE STORM Is Coming... 66K views 1.23.24

Storm Isha hits the UK and northern Europe: wind gusts of 150-170 km/h, 1 casualty, flash floods and heavy snow in Scandinavia
Landslide in China buries 47 people in freezing temperatures and snow. Two survivors are found
Powerful 7.1 Earthquake Hits China-Kyrgyzstan Border, Several Injured (8 after shocks)
The epicentre of the earthquake was in the mountainous border area of Wushi County in northwest China's Xinjiang region. - 1.23.24
Massive solar storm expected to strike Earth this week - January 22, 2024
Very bright fireball over Spain and Portugal - January 22, 2024
Flooding and ice impact millions - 5,521 views 1.22.24
Flash floods inundate homes and overturn cars in San Diego - 2,426 views 1.22.24
Storm Isha hits Britain, Ireland: Over 100 flights cancelled at Dublin airport - 22 Jan 2024,
Death toll tops 60 across U.S. as arctic blast leaves dangerous icy conditions - 1.20.24

Major thaw is coming to most of the US after arctic blast left 80 dead in frigid temps but new threat of freezing rain and flooding leave 120million at risk - 1.21.24
1/20/2024 -- Live Earthquake Update Dutch Sinse
Major coastal changes after M7.6 earthquake in Japan left 15 ports unusable, 58 damaged - January 17, 2024

Video: Storm Henk hits Britain, blocking roads, bridges and rail lines in south. Homes hit by power cuts and trees brought down, while Exeter sees highest wind speeds in 30 years - 1.2.24
More than 100 million Americans are under winter weather warnings as deadly artic blast that's killed 47 people moves across the Northeast - bringing travel chaos with over 2,000 flights canceled or delayed - 1.19.24
East Midlands flooding: Impact 'will be felt for many months' - 7th January 2024,
Flooding continues across England - in pictures - 6 Jan 2024
Another big wave event slams San Diego coast - January 4, 2024
Severe floods and landslides hit Rio de Janeiro, claiming 11 lives, Brazil - Monday, January 15, 2024
Live Storm Chaser - Blizzard In Buffalo - Whiteout Conditions Likely - 4,610 views 1.14.24
Oklahoma Earthquakes continuing. Saturday Earthquake update. - 4,870 views 1/13/2024
Canada is Freezing! Snow Storm in Ontario and Blizzard in Toronto - 16,932 views 1.13.24
Maine under WATER Again ! Huge waves and flooding hit maine , new hampshire , USA. - 7,177 views 1.13.24
2 minutes ago in Chicago, USA! Planes and airports buried in ice, snowstorm in Illinois - 64,808 views 1.13.24
Record rainfall leads to widespread flooding, evacuations in Victoria, Australia - January 8, 2024

Rare tornado hits Pyrgos, Greece - January 8, 2024
Heavy to record-breaking snowfall hitting Japan, including earthquake-hit Ishikawa Prefecture - 1.8.24
M 6.7 - 100 km SE of Sarangani, Philippines - 1.8.24
242,101,157 lightning bolts spotted over US in 2023 with wind farms, Miami targets
Tornado hits Sint-Katelijne-Waver in Belgium, causing severe damage to local growers - January 5, 2024
California Avalanche | 1 dead, 3 escaped - January 10 update at 4 p.m. - 34,083 views 1.10.24
U.S. Winter Storm LIVE - Northeastern Us Braces For Winter Storm - 1.10.24
Maine under WATER ! Huge waves and flooding hit maine coastal , USA - 72,331 views 1.10.24
Panama City Beach Storm Damage Aftermath - 51,536 views 1.9.2024
California Winter Storm | Major impact storm hitting the Sierra - 2,687 views 1.9.24
Washington storms: High winds in the sound, heavy snowfall in mountain passes - 14,832 views 1.9.24
Monster storm system sparks deadly tornado outbreak in Gulf Coast and Southeast - 1.9.24

Extreme weather to hit 200 MILLION Americans today - with tornadoes and power outages expected across the East Coast - as forecasters warn of coastal flooding in the Northeast comparable to blizzard of 1996 - 1.9.24
Odd Readings on Yellowstone Graphs. 4.1 Earthquake Australia SAT night 1/6/2024 - 12,462 views 1.7.24
Europe battles severe floods as residents evacuate homes in France, Germany - 1.3.24

Tsunami flooded over 100 ha (247 acres) in Ishikawa following M7.6 quake, Japan - January 4, 2024
East Coast braces for Northeast snowstorm with blizzard conditions as eight to 12 inches of snow looms over major cities - and THREE more storms are on the way - 1.6.24
BREAKING: See Tsunami After 7.6 Earthquake Hits Japan - Global Aftershocks (New Years Day 2024) - 9,197 views 1.1.24
'Unprecedented' flooding in a Eurostar tunnel cancels trains between Paris and London - 12.30.23
10 Earthquakes in Japan beginning with 7.5 magnitude - 5.0 magnitude on one day
Rude awakening: 4.1-magnitude earthquake strikes Los Angeles on New Year's Day - 1.1.23
Japan braces for tsunami waves after powerful earthquake - 327,613 views 1.1.24
Fire Burns In Wajima City, Japan, After Earthquakes - 11,218 views 1.1.24
Japan Earthquake Tsunami News LIVE: Massive earthquake strikes Japan, triggering tsunami 14,620 views 1.1.24
California Floods LIVE - Monster Waves And Rain Forecast For California Coast - 177,224 views 12.31.23

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