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Henry Kissinger Says the Solution to Coronavirus is the New World Order
Global Reset Formula: Bill Gates, Vaccinations, Debt Jubilee, and Implanted Microchips
CORONAVIRUS: Globalism's Perfect Storm 3.13.2020
A Smidgeon of the New World Order
translated from German to English.
I have a friend in ministry in this village and she wrote the following:
Calling Christians to pray .. for ELSASS …. urgent
Is it a stigma now? Or how do you have to understand what is happening here in the Elsass region (border of France and Germany)?
We would like to ask our Heavenly Father to lift and change the situation we are experiencing here in Elssas!! We are treated here (I live in the upper part of Elsass which is treated in the same way!) As if we had committed the greatest crimes!
The police drives through the villages 3-4 times a day for inspection. We have to have a nightlife certificate on which we have to enter the data (place of residence with all details, date of birth, time when you leave the house and when you come back)! We have max. 1 hour "exit", on limited paths, but only within 1 km of the apartment!
We only saw things like this shortly after the war (in occupied Germany).
No one dares to go out on the streets because you have to pay a fine of 135 - 500 euros if you do something wrong. The couple were forbidden to go for a walk together, everyone has to walk alone !! People are no longer allowed to visit their neighbors.
In the evening, the police helicopters circle over the Rhine and the villages. We are only allowed to shop in a certain area and there is only one shop and one pharmacy! Residents who work in Germany are stigmatized there.
I think it is up to us Christians to bring these tremendous conditions before our Lord Jesus Christ and to ask Him to change these coercive measures! Dog owners can no longer walk with their animals because you can only walk certain village paths!
I didn't really want to write all of this, but after reading an article I lost it and decided to call for help.
Vatican Leak Reveals Globalism Plan

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