File # 08 - THE CHURCH
Federal judge punches back at Dem mayor who 'criminalized' Easter drive-in church
Baton Rouge area pastor defies governor, welcomes large gathering into church
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Perry Stone: The Coronavirus Is Attacking Older People Who Won’t Take the Mark
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Conservative Pastor Claims He 'Healed' Viewers of Coronavirus Through Their TV
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Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Attempts to Heal People of Coronavirus Through TV
Screen 3.13.20

Holy Saturday: Parking-Lot Priest Answers +Vigano's Urgent Plea
Jerry Falwell Jr. says warrants are out for 2 journalists after critical stories on
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Jewish communities in NY continue to hold religious gatherings despite orders
With in-person church services shut down, Trump talks to nation's faith leaders
‘We’ll get firm with churches, bars’ - Gov't seeks to enforce anti-COVID-19
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Charismatic Preacher In Virginia Who Defied All COVID-19 Safety Rules, Said
‘People Are Healed’ In This Church, Dies From Coronavirus Infection
Now That Churches Are Closed With Weekly Services Moved Online, Google Begins
Censoring ‘Unapproved Sermons’ And Deleting Their Accounts
AG William Barr: Any Time Government Encroaches on Religious Liberty, 'I'm Very,
Very Concerned'
Church members get $500 tickets for sitting in their vehicles with windows closed
during radio service in church parking lot
Prophecy Unfolding as Police Crack Down on Pastors
Trump Phone Call with Evangelicals, Catholics. ReOpen Church Sunday. No Movement Sundays Philippines -

My response to preachers who condemn ministries who are operating under 501 (c) 3
Obviously they could not qualify for this exemption or they would know the truth about this category. I wonder if they know that thousands of non Christian charitable organizations like hospitals etc. operate under this category. It takes five years to qualify, which is done by the IRS who moniters their finances.
President Trump has taken away the one mandate that churches had to obey by and that is telling their congregation who to vote for. The government does absolutely not give orders of any kind to these organizations.
There is only one reason this arrangement was made available and that is for the IRS to control donations and how they are being spent.
There are a number of ministries that receive as much as $100 million annually and the IRS wants to know if these donations are spent properly. These ministries have to file long annual reports. They get audited by Certified Public Accountants. I truly believe that this process is appropriate.

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